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#SocialMedia #The Bachelor: How Front Runner Hannah Ann Compares to Other Season 24 Contestants #BB

“The Bachelor: How Front Runner Hannah Ann Compares to Other Season 24 Contestants”

Hannah Ann Sluss received the first impression rose during the season 24 premiere of The Bachelor. A native to Hollywood, Weber is ready to find love after suffering a terrible heartbreak at the hands of Hannah Brown. There was a bit of a scare during the season premiere that had many people thinking Brown was going to take another shot at a relationship with Weber, but with her out of the way, it seems like Sluss is the show’s front runner.

The 23-year-old from Knoxville, Tennessee has made it clear that she’s a front runner this season. Bachelor Nation can agree that her connection with bachelor Peter Weber is undeniable. Though there has been plenty of drama in the mansion regarding champagne-gate and the “finasco” that erupted becuase of it, it seems that Hannah Ann is doing all she can to remain the front runner in Peter’s eyes.

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Though there are plenty of beautiful and interesting women that are vying for Peter’s heart this season, there are many reason’s why Hannah Ann is making her name known above the rest. Here’s how she stands up to her competition on season 24 of The Bachelor.

It’s no secret that Weber is the King of the Kisses this season, but Sluss was the first to receive a voluntary kiss from the bachelor. During the season premiere, the Sluss could barely keep her hands off of Pilot Pete, but it was evident he was just as into Sluss as she was into him.

The first night, Sluss made it clear that she wanted Weber to notice her. She acquired his attention multiple times throughout the night, much to the chagrin of the others. Weber definitely noticed her enthusiasm and will probably continue to do so. After all, you can’t deny love at first sight.

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Sluss is currently a model, which is probably why she did so well during that runway challenge in episode two. She used to compete in pageants when she was younger, serving as Miss North Knoxville and coming in fourth in the 2017 Miss Tennessee USA competition according to Us Weekly. Sluss was also the star in Chris Lane’s music video for “I Don’t Know About You.”

Former Bachelor contestant Hannah Godwin is good friends with Sluss. While Godwin didn’t find love with Colton Underwood, she did find it with Dylan Barbour on Bachelor in Paradise. The two’s friendship is probably due to them crossing paths during their careers as models, but Godwin did introduce the producers to Sluss as a hopeful for this season of The Bachelor.

They say that opposites attract, but that’s certainly not the case here. Both Sluss and Weber share a lot in common, which is seems to be working in the early stages of this relationship. They both still live at home with their parents and seem to value family and long-term relationships, according to one of their initial conversations on the show.

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While it’s clear that Sluss has made a lasting impression on Weber, the jury is still out as to who will win The Bachelor‘s heart this season. Many of the other women this season have made a favorable impression on Weber, which means he’s going to have a tough decision to make when it comes time to choose his future wife. In a teaser for the season, it appears as though things are going to take a dramatic turn as the finale nears, so fans will have to wait and see what’s in store for Pilot Peter and his lovely ladies.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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Source: Hollywood Life, Us Weekly

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