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“THE BOYS Prequel Comic ‘Dear Becky’ Coming in April”

The boys are back in town, as the classic The Boys series from co-creators Garth and Darick Robertson is returning with a new prequel comic book in April entitled The Boys: Dear Becky. Ennis will once again write about his world of extra violent superheroes while original artist Robertson will draw the covers of each issue with Russ Braun handling the interior artwork.

The Boys originally ran from 2006-2012 for 72 issues, as well as three different six-issue mini-series, The Boys: HerogasmThe Boys: Highland Laddie and The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker for a total 90-issue run. The comic’s first six issues were published by Wildstorm before the book found a home at Dynamite Entertainment for the remainder of the series. After Robertson stopped his work on the book, Braun was one of the artists who filled in on The Boys, working on issues #44-51 and then issues #56-71.  This prequel comes on the heels of last summer’s well-received The Boys television series adaptation for Amazon Prime, which has already been renewed for a second season. The series was developed by Eric Kripke and includes Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg as executive producers among others.

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The new prequel series will focus on Becky Butcher, whose presumed death kicks off her husband Billy Butcher’s crusade against costumed heroes that drives the plot of the original The Boys comics. In speaking about The Boys: Dear Becky, Ennis indicates that Becky is one character who he believes he did not focus enough on in his early The Boys work. This is despite the fact that she sits at the crux of the plot that leads to Billy’s war on superheroes. Ennis also states that the warm response to Amazon Prime’s The Boys series reignited his desire to continue on with this cast of characters, as he never intended to do so previously, in a move that will appeal to both fans new and old. Here are the covers for issue #1 and #2 below.

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Dynamite Entertainment CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci shared Ennis’ enthusiasm for the return of The Boys. While he was surprised that Ennis presented new ideas for The Boys, he is certainly excited for the opportunity to have fresh stories from this beloved creative team.

For those fans who have only become aware of The Boys after the Amazon Prime series and have caught up on the original series through trades, this is a perfect opportunity to finally read and collect The Boys in a single-issue format. Perhaps the success of The Boys: Dear Becky could lead to even more stories from the high-octane world that Ennis and Robertson created.

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