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“The Circle: How Netflix Can Make Improvements in Season 2”

Netflix’s version of the British reality show The Circle has just completed it’s first season after crowning Joey Sasso as the winner, and it’s safe to say the show has been a success. The unique perspective that it presents on the social media landscape as well as the incredibly endearing cast carried The Circle enough to fit well in countless Netflix watch lists. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved further should it return for future seasons though.

The general structure of the game doesn’t need adjustments. The casting doesn’t need to be changed. Almost everything was executed very well in season one, and the areas that could be improved are few and far between so much so that they rarely detracted majorly from the season. Still though, the most notable fix to make is for the show to either have one or two less people in their cast, or add a few extra episodes into a season so that the audience can better get to know the people who are added into the game later.

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In this first season, the initial 10 or so people to enter The Circle were the true stars of the show who all got fleshed out very well throughout the 12 episodes. The last three people to be added, on the other hand, felt like they all had clear higher potential than the small amount of episodes they were in allowed. It was especially the case with Bill, who never had one of his relationships with the other players properly highlighted, so he always felt like an afterthought. When he was blocked at the first opportunity, it was no surprise. Ed similarly had limited development, so being ranked last in the final rating was expected.

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The final episodes being rushed affected Sean the most. She stood out more than Bill or Ed due to her story of revealing herself to be a catfish during the game, but if the show had more time, then her struggle leading up to that could’ve been built up much better and felt more earned. It was still interesting and memorable, but more potential was still there. The Circle did such an excellent job handling most of its cast that in order to do as well as possible with everybody, all it needs is a little more time.

The only other aspects to explain are even more minor. It would be good for the show to add in a few more anonymous games for the people to play with each other since a lot of memorable moments came from when they were used. Also, finally the nitpick of all nitpicks, but get to the winner reveal faster. Seeing the remaining players finally see each other face to face after the final rating was wonderfully satisfying, but the reunion could’ve waited until after the winner was announced. Survivor at least does that right; you barely have to wait a few minutes after seeing the votes were cast to find out who wins, and that’s how most shows should handle it.

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Besides that, The Circle has had an excellent start. It was almost as good as it could possibly be, and as long as Netflix maintains faith in it, the show should be back for a season two and hopefully many more.

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