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#SocialMedia #The Flash Easter Egg Honors Superman Now Being On Arrowverse's Earth Prime #BB

“The Flash Easter Egg Honors Superman Now Being On Arrowverse’s Earth Prime”

The Flash season 6 is returning in February, and features a nod to Supergirl’s Superman being part of Earth-Prime. Crisis on Infinite Earths concluded last week, forever changing the Arrowverse. Although The Flash was fated to die, it was the Barry Allen of Earth-90 who made the heroic sacrifice.

The Flash has always been one of the most important shows in the Arrowverse. Way back in its premiere episode, The Flash technically set up Crisis on Infinite Earths with the infamous newspaper headline. When season 6 returns, Barry will have to deal not only with the Arrowverse’s new timeline but also a new terrorist organization, as well as potential problems in his relationship with Iris. There’s also the Godspeed mystery from before Crisis, something that will presumably be a focus in the second half of the season. The CW recently released images from the midseason premiere, and one image honors Superman being part of Earth-Prime.

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The CW has released a new image from The Flash season 6’s midseason premiere (via CBR) that shows Cisco wearing a shirt with the Superman logo. Cisco is regularly seen wearing shirts with pop culture references, but this particular tee isn’t more than a reference – it’s a shout-out to the actual Superman who is now a resident of Earth-Prime. Check it out, below.

As crazy as it may seem to non-fans, up until this point, Superman did not exist in the same world as the Flash. So, there would not have been any merchandise of the character because there was no version of him or Kara residing on Barry’s world. Crisis on Infinite Earths changed this by combining both worlds into a single Earth-Prime, thus altering the history so that they had already existed there. Although Superman may not appear in the flesh in the coming episodes, it’s good to know the character can pop up anytime without the need of a portal.

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Arrow may be ending, but the shared DC TV universe appears to only be just beginning. At the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the major characters of the Arrowverse formed a team clearly referencing the Justice League. Superman himself is getting his own show, which has since received a series order. The Arrow spin-off, Green Arrow and the Canaries has also had its backdoor pilot, making it an exciting time for Arrowverse fans. Big things should be happening in The Flash coming up, too. Sadly, the Reverse-Flash did not appear in Crisis on Infinite Earths, despite the previous teases. Assuming the event didn’t change anything, the villain is still loose from the events of season 5 and season 6 will hopefully address this.

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The Flash returns February 4 on The CW.

Source: The CW (via CBR)

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