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#SocialMedia #The Witcher: 5 TV Magic Users Who Could Beat Geralt In A Fight (& 5 Who Couldn't) #BB

“The Witcher: 5 TV Magic Users Who Could Beat Geralt In A Fight (& 5 Who Couldn’t)”

Geralt of Rivia isn’t just an impressive swordsman with a jaw of granite and exceptional hair. The monster slayer is also a fairly powerful magic user. In The Witcher, the hit Netflix series, Geralt uses his magical abilities to rid towns all over the Continent from things that go bump in the night. By using a combination of potions and his own superior strength, agility, and regenerative powers from his witcher training, even the most terrifying among them can be vanquished.

With the influx of fantasy programs on television in the last several years, there’s a multitude of spellcasters that could match Geralt’s abilities. There are also those whose magic seems very predicated on not being distracted by a hulking man with a jaw of granite and exceptional hair (we’re looking at you, Halliwell sisters).


Willow may have started out as a lovable nerd in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but by Season 6, she was the major Big Bad threatening to wipe out Sunnydale. The pain she suffered from losing the love of her life caused her to harness dark magic beyond her ability to control.

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Even when she isn’t consumed by a frenzy of black magic, Willow is able to cast powerful protection spells. She may not be as physically strong as Geralt, but she can teleport him into another dimension, and possesses many powers similar to Yennefer.


Samantha Stephens of Bewitched fame might have been a powerful witch, had she been allowed to use the full extent of her powers more often! Sadly, a pact with her mortal husband meant she wouldn’t use them unless it was absolutely necessary, to the dismay of her witch parents.

Geralt’s Signs would be able to effectively immobilize Sam pretty effectively, especially since her compassionate and gentle personality doesn’t allow her to be combative or vindictive easily. She could try to turn the witcher into a toad before he downed another potion, but his speed would overcome her parlor tricks.


The Sabrina featured in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is unlike any version of the character we’ve seen before. Beyond the Archie comics and the ’90s sit-com, this iteration is in full possession of her mystical abilities as a half-witch half-mortal, and they are considerable.

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Along with typical witch powers like telekinesis, levitation, and the warding of objects, after signing the Book of the Beast, Sabrina obtained the power to summon hellfire (as well as walk through it unscathed). She can also resurrect the dead, astral project, manipulate objects, and mentally manipulate.


The hit ’90s series Charmed brought magical mischief into the homes of middle America, offering sass, style, and sorcery with the Halliwell Sisters. Over eight seasons they faced monsters, demons, and fallen angels while trying to maintain their jobs and their love lives.

It’s particularly because of their love lives that we feel the Halliwell Sisters wouldn’t do so well against Geralt. They have a tendency to fall in love with the other magical and supernatural men they encounter, so we feel despite being able to cast some pretty solid spells, the only one they’d want to cast on the witcher is a love spell.


As she proved in Game of Thrones, the most prominent weapon in Melisandre’s magical arsenal is her ability to manipulate men. She is very aware of her enigmatic appeal where they’re concerned, and uses it to influence them politically and romantically to her advantage.

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Since Geralt has a weakness for 100 year old sorceresses already, he wouldn’t stand a chance against the Red Woman. Besides her powers of pyrokinesis, blood magic, and shadowbinding magic, her fanatical devotion to the Lord of Light made her resilient against many different forms of physical pain and abuse.


Like most magicians attending Brakebills University, Quentin Coldwater is fairly intelligent and possesses an inherent ability to perform rudimentary magic. His elementary street magic hand tricks are a gateway for more advanced powers on The Magicians.

That being said, all the magic in the world won’t do a magician any good if he lacks the confidence to wield it. It’s not surprising he was referred to as “Nerd King” and “Harry Potter” by his peers while he learned to master mystical forces. Geralt would make fast work of The Floppy Haired One.


The primary antagonist of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa wasn’t just an ordinary witch – she was an alien witch who wanted nothing more than to kill the Rangers and conquer the world. She had numerous monsters t her disposal, and wasn’t concerned with using her henchmen as fodder to protect herself.

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The character she’s based on, Bandora from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, sold her soul to Satan to obtain all her mystical powers. It doesn’t get much more hardcore than that. All she’d have to do is super-size her minions with her staff and Geralt would have his hands too full with them to touch her.


As likable as Jeannie is, we can’t say that she’d be a match for Geralt of Rivia. It’s not because she isn’t a powerful djinn – she’s able to transport herself and her master from one location to another in the blink of an eye, as well as levitate objects with nothing more than a bob of her head.

Jeannie’s lack of power comes from her lack of assertiveness, especially where men are concerned. In I Dream of Jeannie, she’s so desperate for her master’s approval she became totally submissive, and if she was the djinn Geralt had summoned in Episode 5 of The Witcher, that plot would have gone very differently.


Though she began BBC’s Merlin as a friend to Arthur Pendragon (as well as being his half sister), Morgana Pendragon soon found herself on opposite sides of a fight to end magic in the kingdom of Camelot. Her father Uther, paranoid about sorcery, felt it too dangerous to be practiced.

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When she discovers she possesses magic of her own, she becomes a powerful sorceress. She had another sister, Morgause, who she sacrificed to the Underworld to eventually kill her father and rule Camelot. She has the ability to use enchantments to make swords ten times heavier than what her opponents can lift, so even Geralt would be tested.


Fiona Goode, the Supreme witch of the coven of Salem descendants, is a powerful magic user in American Horror Story: Coven, the second season of the hit horror anthology series. Desperate to remain young and powerful forever, she isn’t above using her students at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies to further her aims.

While she certainly has many tricks up her couture sleeves, as the Supreme her power greatly rests with forging an alliance with voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, and not upsetting Papa Legba. Her hunger for power drives her to devious and sloppy mistakes, which Geralt could easily exploit.

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