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“Thirteenth Doctor: 10 Things We Can Expect From Season 12”

BBC’s Doctor Who is one of the most iconic science-fiction properties of all time. Since it debuted on British TV in 1963, the show has managed to build a huge following and become the longest-running science fiction TV series of all time. After the show’s revival in 2005, it even managed to grow its following internationally resulting in this year’s season being the 12th season since 2005.

While a lot has changed for the Doctor over the last few years, the winning formula has stayed the same. This article will list 10 things we can expect in season 12 of Doctor Who.

10 The Master Will Be Back

In the first episode of season 12, the Master made a shocking return to the series. We’d previously seen both Missy and the Master in Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor, but it looks as though Missy’s newfound love of the Doctor has reverted back to hate of the Doctor.

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While the Master’s return to the series ended with the Time Lord being trapped on an alien world, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is the last we’ll see of him. The Master’s survived trickier situations than this, so he will almost certainly be back.

9 Cybermen

Much like the Master, the Cybermen are a villain that haven’t been missing for too long. The terrifying cyborgs were last seen in the same episode as the Master/ Missy, so it makes sense that the Cybermen would make their return in the same series.

While the Cybermen are definitely making a return this season, we don’t know to what extent they will return or if they will prove to be a ‘season-defining villain’ or just another monster of the week.

8 More Two Parters

One of several criticisms of season 11 of Doctor Who was the lack of two-parter episodes. Many thought that the lack of two-parters left the series feeling disjointed, while others thought that some episodes may have benefited from receiving the two-parter treatment in order to fully explore the concepts and storylines.

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Fortunately, this season seems to have fixed that issue by introducing two-parters. The series opened with a two-parter and is also said to close with a two-parter. Hopefully, this will result in a fantastic season.

7 Judoon

The Judoon are a fan favorite villain that haven’t been in the limelight for some time. The alien race isn’t exactly known for evil deeds, they’re more known for their amoral actions. So, from this, they may not be the outright villain in their episode this season.

While the Judoon are certainly making an appearance, we don’t know what to expect with their motives. This will certainly make them an interesting alien in this season.

6 Will The Fam Lose A Member?

The trailer, despite the upbeat pop music, appeared to hint towards some tragedy for the TARDIS crew this season. We see several shots of a somber Doctor and we also see Yaz crying. While this is far from confirmed, the loss of a companion would certainly add more emotional weight to the story.

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While the loss of a companion is far from confirmed, we can still expect the stakes to rise this season and with the appearances of the Master and the Cybermen, the loss of a companion is certainly possible.

5 An Overarching Story

One of the main criticisms of Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Doctor was the distinct lack of an overarching story throughout the season. Previous seasons of Doctor Who have always had a ‘Monster of the Week’ theme, but not without a plot thread throughout the season.

In the first season of the revival it was bad wolf, in the third season it was Saxon, and in the fifth season it was the cracks in time. While not as overt as these prior examples, we can expect an overarching story. The Doctor did say something was coming for her, and it would make sense to build this across the season.

4 A Secret Classic Villain?

The idea that something is coming after the Doctor opens up the possibility that there may be another secret classic Who villain this season. While it could easily be the Master or the Cybermen that are coming for the Doctor, it seems like it wouldn’t be that simple.

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While it would be too early to start naming potential villains, one would not be forgiven for thinking that this season may have a huge reveal in the final few episodes.

3 The Timeless Child

One of the more mysterious elements of Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Doctor was the mention of the Timeless Child. This seemed to distress the Doctor in the Ghost Monument, but we heard nothing of the Timeless Child until the Master’s reappearance in Spyfall. 

Apparently the Timeless Child is a huge part of Time Lord culture and, according to the Master, is built on a lie. It is clear that this mystery will be explored as the season progresses.

2 Jodie Whittaker Will Be Back Next Season

One of the few things we can be certain of is that this is not Jodie Whittaker’s final season as the Doctor. The actress has confirmed that she will return for season 13 of the long-running science-fiction drama. Jodie’s performance as the Doctor has been fantastic, so this is certainly welcome news.

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Jodie’s return for another season may also allow for a longer story arc to develop between season 12 and 13, allowing for a story akin to the cracks in time and silence will fall of season 5 and 6.

1 The Gallifrey Mystery Will Deepen

One of the biggest mysteries this season is the fate of Gallifrey. For some reason, the Master destroyed Gallifrey after learning about a lie at the center of Time Lord society. However, this raises two main questions: what was the lie and how did the Master destroy Gallifrey by himself.

We can expect that this mystery surrounding Gallifrey will be explored in more depth, if not in the final few episodes of this season then surely in across season 13 of the show.

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