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“To Save IRON Man, Pepper Potts Must Find His Parents”

Pepper Potts has come a long way – from a stalwart member of Iron Man’s supporting cast to a full-fledged hero in her right. In order to save Tony Stark’s life, however, she’ll have to find Stark’s birth parents, which is easier said than done when one is a rock star and the other is an agent of HYDRA. It looks like Pepper Potts aka Rescue has her work cut out for her in 2020 Rescue #2 by Dana Schwartz and Jacen Burrows.

Tony Stark’s life has been pretty complicated as of late. Not only has he been recently brought back to life thanks to cloning, but his resurrection was carried out by Arno Stark, his long lost brother as well as the newest Iron Man. His brother also used the same cloning process to resurrect his long-dead parents, Howard and Maria Stark. Unfortunately, this does leave the rather thorny philosophical issue – can the exact recreation of a person, with all their thoughts and memories, be truly considered human? To make matters worse, Tony himself is poised for a complete psychological breakdown. There’s only one person who can ‘rescue’ him – Pepper Potts. The only problem? She’s not sure she wants the job.

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When Pepper Potts was last seen, she had moved on from the world of Tony Stark. Despite her superhero status, Pepper hasn’t been in Tony Stark’s superhero orbit for quite some time. However, even as she pieces her life back together, it appears she’ll once again have to pull Stark back from the brink of a breakdown. According to the solicitations, she’ll have to find Tony Stark’s birth parents – since it was revealed way back in Iron Man #600 that Tony Stark was actually adopted by Howard and Maria Stark.

Tony’s birth mother is Amanda Armstrong, who in true Stark fashion, is a bit of a rock star. She was recruited by SHIELD for some undercover work where she had a fling with another agent named Jude, who was ultimately revealed as Tony’s birth father. The only problem is that Jude was actually a double agent of HYDRA, who later re-emerged intent on recruiting Tony into the evil organization. The attempt was pretty easily foiled. With Amanda still touring and Jude still on the run, nothing is going to come easy for Pepper Potts.

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Though it’s only a two-issue mini-series, Rescue 2020 looks to be a fun, albeit brief, storyline that brings Pepper Potts back into the fold. With Arno Stark the current Iron Man, Rescue 2020 puts the limelight squarely on Pepper as she both puts her life back together – and also finds a place in that life for Tony Stark. Given how popular Pepper Potts is thanks to her MCU appearances, it’s also very popular this mini-series could lead into a sequel or ongoing series if it proves popular. One thing is for certain – Pepper Potts is the only hope for her former boss, the one-time Iron Man.

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