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#SocialMedia #Vikings: 6 Romances That Ended Too Soon (& 4 That Didn't End Soon Enough) #BB

“Vikings: 6 Romances That Ended Too Soon (& 4 That Didn’t End Soon Enough)”

Oh, how wonderful it must be to be young and in love, living in a warrior society full of secrecy, betrayal, and greed. Unfortunately, in the times they were living in, love could be like a summer breeze, it only lasts for a season.

The History Channel’s Vikings aren’t exactly known for its power couples withstanding the tests of time but on a few occasions, a couple will shock us with their unapologetic, immovable passion for one another. So let us dream of a Viking love that lasts, mourn those that were gone too soon and relish in the heartbreak of those that never should have been.

10 Ended Too Soon: Athelstan and Judith

Everyone loves Athelstan. At least, that is how it seems as both King Ecbert and Ragnar have a strong connection bordering on obsession with him as well. Athelstan a former priest and Judith a married princess was a forbidden love that nearly cost both their lives.

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No one expected the relationship to go the distance but sadly after Judith became pregnant with Athelstan’s child, he was cut down by Floki before he could even see his unborn child. Though their affair was brief, their moments together made a lasting impression on both Athelstan and Judith.

9 Lasted Long Enough: Ragnar and Aslaug

A relationship that was strictly conceived out of lust and prophecy, not love. Ragnar’s obsession with the Seer’s prophecy that he would have many sons caused him to seek out Aslaug as a partner, even when it went against his better judgment.

She produced the heirs he desired but at the cost of losing his one, true love Lagertha. Ragnar and Aslaug’s relationship was built around unfaithfulness along with physical and emotional abuse. Both were so unhappy with the situation that even death as a means of freeing themselves from their poor choices was welcomed.

8 Ended Too Soon: Rollo and Siggy

After his first betrayal of Ragnar and subsequent return to the fold, Rollo felt like an outcast, questioning the point of living. It was only Siggy who saw the potential inside him, demanding that he be more than a washed-up drunk and return to his former glory.

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With her by his side, he regained his honor and his brother’s trust by saving Aslaug and her sons from Jarl Borg’s attack on Kattegat. Sadly, it was not to be, tired of her ambition, he followed his brother to France and never returned.

7 Lasted Long Enough: Therese and Roland

Therese and Roland were nothing more than two over-embellished background characters and their love story felt like it. Roland, a political savvy captain of the guard used his sister to get political dirt on his boss Count Odo, which could later be used to help him get a more prestigious position in court.

Probably one of the more cringe-worthy moments of the whole affair was when Emperor Charles asked Roland if he could sleep with his sister. Was Emperor Charles aware that they were a couple? For all their backstabbing, both were rewarded with death at dinner.

6 Ended Too Soon: Ragnar And Lagertha

The saddest part of Ragnar and Lagertha’s relationship was not a lack of love, instead, the only hindrance that separated them from happily ever after was Ragnar’s lack of respect for Lagertha.

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His obsession with the Norse Gods, prophecies of many sons and overall, inability to truly understand what would make him happy interfered with what otherwise would have been and at a time was a happy home. Even when they were apart, they still found reasons to come together, even if the moment was brief. Both were content in dying, knowing they would soon be reunited forever.

5 Lasted Long Enough: Astrid And Harald

Astrid’s true love was Lagertha but Lagertha’s gaze was always turned towards Kattegat and Ragnar. Lagertha didn’t realize how much Astrid meant to her until Astrid was already past the point of no return.

Maybe in another life, Harald would have made a great husband for Astrid, as he did try when it comes to their relationship, but the love was just never there on Astrid’s part. A child wouldn’t have changed that, even if Harald hoped it would. Astrid and Harald’s relationship was not just never meant to be but should never have been in the first place.

4 Ended Too Soon: Lagertha And Heahmund

Most of the problems this couple faced were the same problems Aethelstan and Judith struggled with as both came from completely different backgrounds, yet, somehow found a spark of love between the void of differences.

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Yet, unlike Aethelstan and Judith, Heahmund was a man whose faith and desire for worldly pleasures were in a constant battle. This struggle allowed him to be the perfect lover for Lagertha, since, unlike others that came before him, he didn’t vie for her heart, only for the more carnal pleasures she could provide him.

3 Lasted Long Enough: Ragnar and Yidu

Their relationship was never meant to be forever. It was only meant to last as long as she provided drugs. Though, what relationship with Ragnar is really for forever anyway? A relationship where the chemistry didn’t matter as neither cared that much for the other.

She was there during a tumultuous time in Ragnar’s life, administering a substance that would ease his pain while providing the emotional support that he lacked after leaving Lagertha. Her death at the hands of Ragnar was expected, ending a relationship that wasn’t all that meaningful in the first place.

2 Ended Too Soon: Floki And Helga

Floki and Helga were just meant for one another. Floki, a withdrawn zealot and a sweet but fierce Helga were inseparable for the majority of the first few seasons. Both fighting side by side with one another on adventure after adventure but that all came to a screeching halt after Floki’s jealousy resulted in the death of Aethelstan.

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Ragnar’s revenge was swift and unsparing to his old friend. The miracle child Floki and Helga had was taken by the cold winds of winter, leaving Helga’s motherly desire to override her reason, leading to her untimely death by an orphan.

1 Ended Too Soon: Torvi and Bjorn

Torvi’s relationship status can permanently be set to it’s complicated. Her first husband’s obsession with revenge on Ragnar got him killed in the most brutal way possible. Her second husband, Erlendur was also, obsessed with killing Ragnar and his family that it too got him killed, only this time by Torvi herself.

For a time, Bjorn was the prince charming she deserved, sweeping her off her feet and promising her a better life, only to cheat on her with another woman, leaving her to raise their children while he is off raiding.

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