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#SocialMedia #Walking Dead Creator Confirms 'Real' Cause of Zombie Outbreak #BB

“Walking Dead Creator Confirms ‘Real’ Cause of Zombie Outbreak”

The Walking Dead comic ended last year without any explanation of what truly caused the zombie outbreak in the series. While one was never really needed, series creator Robert Kirkman was asked what caused the zombie apocalypse and actually provided an answer: Space spore.

Throughout the adaptations of the comic series by Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, the question of whether the zombie apocalypse deserved explanation was always an interesting topic of debate. Kirkman has said in past interviews that he didn’t intend on answering what caused the zombie outbreak. It seemed Kirkman was going to let the mystery be, but on Twitter, he provided an interesting answer when asked about the cause.

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A Twitter user asked him “what caused the zombies,” and Kirkman responded by simply saying, “Space spore.”

It’s certainly up for debate on whether Kirkman is being serious here. Considering his past denials that an explanation was ever coming, it’s more likely this is a joke. But, it’s not the first time Kirman mentioned aliens were connected to the series. In The Walking Dead #75, the comic ends up with a non-canonical bonus story, where Rick wakes up from the hospital with a robot arm and a superhero suit. When he goes outside, he sees heroes (TWD characters also in suits) fighting with zombies. After Michonne slices through a walker, she tells Rick that the outbreak was all part of a diabolical plan caused by aliens. What did the aliens want? Water – as it’s explained to be a currency for them. So the aliens reanimated a bunch of dead people to get what they wanted.

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Again, it’s important to stress this story was sort of an Elseworlds story within the pages of The Walking Dead and not to be believed as true. Kirkman even admitted to jokingly writing the story to address the theories the outbreak was caused by aliens. However, Kirkman bringing up aliens in the comic and mentioning them might give a real hint at what caused the outbreak to begin. Aliens causing the invasion would be one of the most surprising reveals ever – however unlikely it was.

Spores from space or from aliens would be a satisfactory explanation of what caused the zombie outbreak. While it’s not a believable reason, remember The Walking Dead is a work of science fiction. Some sort of virus in the air would lend itself well to why people immediately turned after death. However, Kirkman’s comic series didn’t need an explanation. It was about the characters navigating through a zombie apocalypse. If you really need an answer, go with space spores. Although, readers should be satisfied with The Walking Dead story Kirkman told – explanation be damned.

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