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“What To Expect From The Gentlemen 2”

Warning: SPOILERS for The Gentlemen.

The Gentlemen ends in such a way that allows for The Gentlemen 2 to happen, and here’s everything we know about a potential sequel from director Guy Ritchie. A faux screenplay called “Bush” is pivotal to The Gentlemen‘s storyline. The bush in question is the product sold by marijuana kingpin Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), a man known for his rags-to-riches story, and also for being incredibly violent.

Despite Mickey’s reputation, many individuals challenge his authority, most notably a newspaper editor named Big Dave (Eddie Marsan) and a young gangster named Dry Eye (Henry Golding). The Gentlemen‘s story is essentially detailed through investigative journalist Fletcher (Hugh Grant), who hopes to politely blackmail Mickey’s right-hand, Raymond (Charlie Hunnam). As with most of Ritchie’s crime films, there are subplots within subplots, thus calling into question every main character’s motivation.

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The Gentlemen ending involves coordinated attacks on Mickey and his wife, Rosalind, both of which don’t end well for the gangsters looking to assume control. Meanwhile, Raymond listens patiently to Fletcher’s story and holds a few cards up his sleeve, waiting for the right time to flip the script. The revelation that Dry Eye and Mickey’s potential buyer, Matthew Berger (Jeremy Strong), are working together changes everything, along with a subplot involving Russian junkies and one vengeful father. And all of this could lead to The Gentlemen 2.

Early reviews for The Gentlemen suggest that Ritchie will have a critical and perhaps commercial success on his hands. So, it seems possible that The Gentlemen 2 would at least be considered by Miramax, especially since the production company is prominently featured in a key climactic sequence.

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The big question is, how well will The Gentlemen perform at the box office. It’s worth noting that Ritchie’s last film, Aladdin, was produced for approximately $183 million (and earned over $1 billion), but The Gentlemen was produced for a modest $18 million, just slightly more than Ritchie’s last proper crime film, RocknRolla. Even if The Gentlemen somehow doesn’t top $50 million (and it most certainly will), Ritchie and Miramax will seemingly move forward with The Gentlemen 2 given all the positive reactions.

If Miramax greenlights The Gentlemen 2, the sequel could potentially release within two years. Ritchie has wrapped filming on his most recent movie – one starring Jason Statham – and may choose to ride the momentum wave by immediately assembling the main cast of The Gentlemen. Production-wise, The Gentlemen has some impressive action sequences, but those scenes don’t make up the bulk of the film. So with that in mind, The Gentlemen 2 could have a budget between $15 to $30 million and be produced in a relatively short amount of time.

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The Gentlemen ends with Mickey figuratively roaring like a lion, as he takes out Dry Eye and makes an offer that Matthew Berger simply can’t refuse (it involves losing one pound of flesh or being frozen to death). As for the scheming Fletcher, he receives a big surprise outside Miramax’s L.A. office when Raymond shows up as his driver. The biggest revelation from The Gentlemen‘s ending is that Fletcher was pitching his story to Miramax and even used the word “sequel” before the film ended with Mickey and Rosalind relaxing and ready to make some more money.

Aside from the main players in The Gentlemen (McConaughey, Hunnam, and Grant), the supporting actors (Dockery) deliver spectacular performances. The Gentlemen 2 would definitely include Farrell’s morally-flexible Coach, and probably a couple new villains that feel threatened by Mickey. And don’t be surprised if Fletcher ends up offering his services to Raymond, as he’s clearly fond of him, in more ways than one. At this point, The Gentlemen 2 certainly seems possible.

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