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“Witcher Season 2 Audition Tape Hints At Sigismund Dijkstra Casting”

Casting for The Witcher season 2 is underway with a sneak peek of Graham Mctavish’s audition for the Redanian spymaster Sigismund Dijkstra. It looks like the complicated world of The Continent is about to get a whole lot shiftier as Dijkstra is one of the most important, and most formidable, characters in the whole Witcher series. The head of Redanian Intelligence is constantly keeping tabs on the whereabouts of major players like Geralt, Ciri, and Vilgefortz and made his debut in the first novel, Blood of Elves, which the show mau begin adapting in The Witcher season 2.

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Dijkstra is a bit of an oddity among spies as he in no way blends into his surroundings. The character stands at nearly seven feet tall with a pronounced gut and tends to dress in expensive and colorful clothing. He excels, however, in just about every other avenue of spycraft. Dijkstra is exceptionally intelligent and ruthless, unafraid to go toe-to-toe with kings and sorcerers alike.

A since-deleted tape of actor Graham McTavish reading for the role of “David” has leaked online, though the video can still be found embedded over on Redanian Intelligence for those interested to see the audition. The scene features “David” speaking with King Vizimir of Redania who notes “David” is “large man” who “moves remarkably like the wind” before the conversation turns to the “gossip” that he’s gathered in his “line of work.”

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Click Here to See The Witcher Season 2 Audition Tape

“David” appears to be a code name for the audition, a practice that was employed back in season 1’s auditions as well, but there is no mistaking the role in question is indeed Dijkstra. There is only one “large man” who would be discussing espionage with the King of Redania. It’s also worth noting the audition scenes written for The Witcher season 1 were original scenes never intended to be used in the show and that is almost certainly the case here as well, so fans need not worry about any spoilers.

As good as McTavish is in the audition, and as stuffed as his resume is with menacing characters such as Preacher‘s Saint of Killers, this video should in no way be taken as confirmation that McTavish has landed the role. In fact, audition reveals like this are usually indications the role is going to someone else. However, the fact that the video was removed could provide some hope for McTavish’s fans that he will end up appearing in The Witcher season 2 after all. What can be said for certain now though is the show is indeed looking to cast actors who can be physically imposing and bring some measure of sinister charisma to the role. Dijkstra is a fan-favorite character with a huge part to play in the coming story so whoever ends up with the role will definitely be leaving their mark on the next season of The Witcher.

The Witcher season 2 premieres sometime in 2021 on Netflix.

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Source: Redanian Intelligence (via CBR)

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