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Meet Comedian Candidate Girls in TV Anime MAESETSU! Teaser PV



For its premiere in 2020, a public presentation for the upcoming original anime MAESETSU! – Opening Act- was held in Akihabaraha yesterday on January 7, 2020. A teaser PV to introduce its main characters screened at the event for the first time is now also streamed on KADOKAWA’s official anime YouTube channel. In Japanese entertainment, „Maesetsu“ usually means a short introduction talk before TV show recordings performed by assistant directors or rookie comedians. The anime’s story centers on eight girls‘ struggles in the comedy entertainment business.




Main voice cast introduced in the clip (in order of appearance):


Unit „Tokonatsu“

 – Fubuki Kitakaze: Aguri Ohnishi

 – Mafuyu Kogarashi: Naomi Ozora


Unit „R凸“

 – Rin Araya: Hiromi Igarashi

 – Nayuta Asougi: Sakura Nakamura


Unit „Tsundora“

 – Manatsu Kogarashi: Yuuki Takada

 – Kanae Kanari: Nozomi Furuki


Unit „JK Cool“

 – Eru Kusaba: Asuka Aida

 – Arashi Waraino: Ayaka Shimizu 



Main voice cast at the presentation:



Main staff:

  • Original story: Mugendai∞
  • Original story illustrator: Kagami Yoshimizu 
  • Director: Yu Nobuta 
  • Series composition: Touko Machida (SHOW BY ROCK!!
  • Screenplay: Toko Machida, Shouta Goto, Joe Ito 
  • Character designer: Katsuzo Hirata (Hand Maid May, Angel Beats!
  • Chief animation director: Miyabi Koseki, Naoki Uchiyama 
  • Music: Satoru Kousaki (Haruhi Suzumiya series), MONAKA (Aikatsu!)
  • Anime production: Studio GOKUMIAXsiZ (Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood)
  • Production: Farm Class  





Four 19-year-old girls: Fubuki Kitakaze, Mafuyu Kogarashi, Rin Shintani, and Nayuta Asougi, who aim to become professional comedians, practice their joke materials hard while working as a part-time worker day and night. Their motto is „Make everyone happy with laughter! then their happiness makes us happy, too.“ But the success is still far away from them.


Their goal is to stand on the stage of Namba Grand Kagetsu, which is considered as „Budokan in the comedy entertainment world.“ But for now, they have decided to try to be on the nearest stage for them, the lowest level of Mugendai Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, called „Farm Class.“ This is a struggling success story of the eight girls in four units.  



„MAESETSU! – Opening Act-„ teaser visual:



Source: Anime „Maesetsu!“ official website


©2020 Yoshimizu Kagami, KADOKAWA, Studio GIKUMI/FARM CLASS


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