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SATC: 10 Reasons Why Samantha Jones Would Be The Best Friend Out Of The Main Cast

All of the four main characters on SATC have their positive attributes. But when it comes to actually be friends with them in real life, the one woman who would be the best candidate, in our opinion, is Samantha Jones.

Confident, successful, honest, and hilarious, Samantha doesn’t always seem like good friend material. She might not be the type to rush to your side at a family member’s funeral or jump for joy at the chance to be your bridesmaid. But she does care about her friends more than she lets on.

Check out these 10 reasons why Samantha Jones would be the best friend out of the SATC cast

10 She’s Not Judgmental

The thing we love most about Samantha Jones is that she’s the least judgmental of the four main ladies. Carrie reveals some pretty shocking secrets and truths to her over the course of the series, but Samantha never takes the ‘holier than thou’ approach. As outrageous as she may be, she always understands and looks for the good in people.

That’s a far cry from Miranda, whom Carrie actually calls out for being particularly judgmental. Or Charlotte, who pretends not to judge but can’t help it.

9 She Has The Best Advice

You have to hand it to Samantha: she does give pretty solid advice. Sometimes her ideas are a little out there, but most of the time, she has the right answer. She can also always provide a different perspective from the way most people tend to think, so being her friend would bring some very insightful moments.

One of the reasons that Samantha gives such good advice is because she’s led an exciting and challenging life herself. No matter what trouble you might get yourself into, she’s been there and done that.

8 She Can Keep A Secret

What good is a best friend if they can’t keep a secret? Samantha is the best person out of the four main characters when it comes to secret-keeping. There are a lot of times when Carrie asks her to keep her lips sealed and she mostly does.

It’s true that Samantha can be a lot to handle, and some of the things she says and does can be confronting. But at least she’s a trustworthy friend. You’d be able to trust her to keep your secrets and follow through with her promises.

7 She’s Hands Down The Most Fun

Another reason why Samantha would be the best friend out of the SATC ladies? She’s the most fun! Her taste for partying and bar-hopping might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she does tend to take the gang on some adventures.

The other thing that we love about Samantha is that she’s always up for what the other girls suggest. She’s not a party pooper or a wet blanket and would be your go-to girl if you needed a friend to accompany you to any event. We don’t know where she gets her energy from!

6 She’s Inspirational

Say what you want about Samantha Jones, but nobody can deny that she’s inspiring. She loves herself and has more self-confidence than Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda put together. She doesn’t feel the need to conform to society’s idea of what’s appropriate. She doesn’t give in to the pressure to marry and settle down just because her friends are. She’s a successful woman with her own business. And she doesn’t even let cancer get in her way.

In hard times, Samantha would be an ideal person to lean on because she’s such a tough cookie. She’d know just what to say to make everything better.

5 She Doesn’t Forget About Her Friends When She Falls In Love

We all know what it’s like to be cast aside when our friends fall in love. Unfortunately, some people will always forget about everything else (and everyone else) in their lives when they begin a new relationship. But Samantha isn’t like that. She always has time for her friends and doesn’t let the men she sees to consume her.

Even when Samantha has strong feelings for someone, or is really in the mood for a date night instead of a girls’ night, she stays loyal to her friends. Classy move!

4 Being Her Friend Has Its Perks

The main reason we’d love to be friends with Samantha Jones is her personality. But let’s face it: being her friend would also have its perks. Don’t forget, it’s Samantha who gets the girl’s first-class tickets and free accommodation in Abu Dhabi in the second movie!

Being a PR guru, Samantha has the best connections. She can get her friends on the list to the best parties and club openings, organize meetings with the biggest names in the business, and even make them stars if that’s what their hearts desire.

3 You’ll Always Know Where You Stand With Her

Samantha Jones is sensitive in her own way, but out of the main ladies, she’s definitely got the toughest exterior. She’s not one to sugarcoat anything and will always tell it how it is. Some people might view that as a negative trait, but we think it’s actually quite positive. You always know exactly where you stand with Samantha Jones.

That honesty is rare among friends. Samantha would be the ideal person when it comes to asking for opinions because she’d tell you exactly what you need to know, whether or not it hurts your feelings.

2 She’ll Be There When You Need Her

Some of the things that Samantha does are questionable. She’s not the most affectionate friend, and she doesn’t appear to be as caring as Charlotte or even Carrie. But ultimately, she will always be there for you when you need her.

She’s there for Carrie when she travels to San Francisco via the nightmare train. She’s there for Miranda when she needs to have her hair cut for the first time after having a baby. And she’s there for Charlotte too, even though she and Charlotte don’t always see eye to eye.

1 She’s Hilarious

One thing is for certain when it comes to Samantha Jones: the laughs never stop. Arguably the funniest of the SATC women, Samantha would always have you laughing, both intentionally and unintentionally. From her brazen comments to her honest reactions, she’s always saying something or doing something hilarious.

This is a woman that will run up endless flights of stairs in a pearl thong. She will take on a whole crowd of angry Middle Eastern men who want to have her arrested. And she will absolutely show you that she dyed her nether regions ginger. As we said, she’s a barrel of laughs.

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