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The Crown: Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Should be Main Focus of a Future Season -BB

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan should be the main focus of a future season of Netflix’s The Crown. The latest royal drama coming from Buckingham Palace has been jokingly nicknamed „Megxit“ after Meghan Markle and Britain’s other national debacle, Brexit.

Harry and Meghan’s is a love story that already mimics some of the greatest tales ever told: a handsome young prince, bored with his life in the proverbial fish bowl, sets out to find his princess. He winds up meeting and falling in love with an independent and beautiful commoner, much different from the revolving door of aristocrats that he had been dating. From there, the relationship moves quickly, until a couple of years later, the prince marries his princess in a charming ceremony. Afterwards, the two ride off into the sunset – although, instead of a white horse, they do so in a plucky little Aston Martin convertible. That’s the story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. At least, that was the fairy tale ending everyone watched when they wed in May 2018. In January 2020, this reality took a turn when Meghan and Harry released a surprise statement that they would be scaling back their royal duties, basically retiring from the House of Windsor. Although it caught the rest of the family off guard, the Queen, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Prince William held closed-door family meetings to hash out the logistics of the separation. All the drama led many who were following the story to think one thing: „This would make excellent television.“

Picture it: the season’s first episode would open with Queen Elizabeth II’s statement released to the press following the blindsiding announcement from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: „Harry and Meghan have made clear that they do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives.“ From there, the behind-the-scenes of the negotiations with the entire family would have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Who would play the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Ginger actor Jordan Dean would be a welcome star to step into the role of Prince Harry. Dean was a breakout star on Broadway when he appeared in Mamma Mia!. Finding an actress to match Markle’s distinctive elegance and biracial heritage is key. Pretty Little Liars‘ Troian Bellisario (who is also biracial with a black mother and white father) would be a fantastic choice. So would Joker star Zazie Beetz. On The Crown, Meghan and Harry’s arduous road to independence could be dissected. We would learn exactly when the couple decided to put into motion the plan to flee. There might also be scenes showcasing feminist Meghan’s viewpoint on the Prince Andrew saga, which has unfolded at the same time as Megxit. We might even be treated to an in-depth look at the rivalry between William and Harry, which was thought to contribute to the current unraveling of the once-tight family unit.

In previous seasons of The Crown, we’ve seen Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to power, her Coronation, and even the contentious life and times of her sister, the late Princess Margaret. This latest scandal is nearing its conclusion with reports stating that the Queen has agreed to most of Harry and Meghan’s demands. As they wish, Harry and Meghan will get the opportunity to raise their son Archie exactly the way they want to, without subjecting him to a life that belongs to the British people and not to him. It’s a truly unprecedented time within the family. Although there’s no official word on whether the current goings-on will be included in future seasons of the critically acclaimed show, at least producers know that there’s a huge demand for it.

Source: Netflix

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