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Twentieth Century Fox: The 10 Best Animated Movies (According To IMDb) -BB

Twentieth Century Fox has released a lot of films since its creation in 1935 when Fox Film Corporation merged with 20th Century Pictures. While the movie studio at first only released live-action productions, that all changed in the mid-70s when the company chose to release its first theatrically animated feature.

Because 20th Century Fox is continuing to release animated films today, we thought it was time to look at their best features that fall into this category. To do this, we’ll be turning to the scores on IMDb. The popular entertainment website has assigned every 20th Century Fox film a star rating. This score is based on the votes of registered users on a scale of 1 to 10, and it’s what we’ll be using to stack up the best.

Before we get started, we’re giving a shout out to Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods, which could have qualified for this list with a score of 7.2. Unfortunately, our room is limited. With that out of the way, it’s time to take a look at the greatest animated features to ever be released by 20th Century Fox; Here they all are, as ranked by the fans at IMDb.

10 The Croods (7.2)

This 2013 prehistoric adventure, produced by DreamWorks Animation, focuses on a caveman who realizes his role as leader is at risk after an inventive boy named Guy shows up. When an earthquake rips through the place the Croods call home, they’re forced to find somewhere new to live and figure out whether Guy’s suspicions about their future are correct.

The film received generally positive reviews, with many enjoying the fast-paced story and fun animations.

9 The Simpsons Movie (7.3)

Fox’s long-running comedy series, The Simpsons, received a theatrical release in 2007.

After Homer Simpson accidentally pollutes the lake, the Environmental Protection Agency puts his town under the protection of a large dome. Though the Simpsons escape, Homer’s family soon leaves him, angry at the results of his actions. Homer sets out to win back his family’s respect.

Moviegoers praised the film for returning to its roots with tight, comedic writing and polished voice work.

8 The Book Of Life (7.3)

This 2014 musical fantasy tells the story of a group of friends, made up of Manola, Maria, and Joaquin, who once lived together in the Mexican town of San Angel. Though the trio is split apart as they grow older, Manolo and Joaquin set out to win Maria’s hand in marriage after fate pulls them back together.

Critics were quick to applaud the film for its beautiful animations, its celebration of Mexican heritage, and overall warmth.

7 Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (7.3)

The animated Japanese sci-fi martial arts series Dragon Ball Z has received twenty-one movies throughout its existence. The 19th movie installment, which entered theaters in 2015, managed to bring in many positive reviews.

The film sees emperor Frieza training hard in hopes of getting revenge on the Super Saiyans after he is resurrected from the dead. Fans of the series were impressed by the action and high-quality animated sequences.

6 Ice Age (7.5)

This 2002 adventure comedy walked into theaters in 2002. It tells of a saber-tooth tiger, a woolly mammoth, and a ground sloth who come across a human baby during the Ice Age. They embark on a long journey to return the child to its parents.

Critics were impressed by the debut Ice Age film, with many praising the humor and fun of the adventure. It stands as the first film to ever be produced by 20th Century Fox Animation. Before this, Fox produced animated films under the broader 20th Century Fox label.

5 Waking Life (7.8)

Animated films aren’t just for kids.

In 2001, Fox created an experimental philosophical docufiction that focused on topics including lucid dreams, free will, and the meaning of life. This was accomplished through a story that saw a man journeying through a series of realities inside of his dreams.

The film was created with the rotoscoping animation technique, which has live-action footage being overlayed with illustrations. This unique art style, in combination with the complex but fluid story, had viewers both intrigued and entertained.

4 Fantastic Mr. Fox (7.8)

This 2009 stop-motion animation, based on the ’70s children’s book of the same name, follows a fox who is forced to outwit the farmers he steals from every night after they break into his home and try to kill him.

Though the comedy’s box office intake was modest, critics were impressed by the artful style, playful voice work, and compelling story. This had it scoring a nomination for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards after its release.

3 How To Train Your Dragon 2 (7.8)

DreamWorks‘ How to Train Your Dragon has always stood out as one of the strongest computer-animated franchises. Though the original was released by Paramount Pictures and the third installment was nabbed by Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox got its hands on the second film in the series. It did not disappoint.

This time around, Viking Hiccup and his dragon Toothless find a mystical cave that is home to hundreds of dragons as well as his long-lost mother. Though this discovery is exciting, it soon draws them all into a battle with a warrior named Drago.

The gorgeous animations, thrilling story, and heartwarming backdrop had this one flying to new heights.

2 Dragon Ball Super: Broly (7.9)

Yes, the 20th film in the Dragon Ball series did even better than the one that came before it. In fact, Dragon Ball Super: Broly ties for first as one of the best animated films to ever be released by 20th Century Fox.

This time around, protagonists Goku and Vegeta are forced to face the villainous Broly. With the aforementioned Frieza also lurking near, the pair must prepare for another huge battle.

The film’s bright colors, intense action, deepened story, and comedic writing left longtime fans satisfied.

1 Isle of Dogs (7.9)

The second of two 20th Century Fox films to walk away with a strong 7.9 rating is Isle of Dogs. This stop-motion sci-fi sees all the dogs living in a dystopian Japan sent away to an island after they are believed to be carrying a sickness. One boy, Atari, sets out to find his bodyguard-dog who has been sent to this location now deemed „Trash Island.“

The film’s stop-motion style was a step above that in many other animated features. Additionally, moviegoers couldn’t get enough of the sweet story. Fresh and funny, Isle of Dogs managed to stand out among the competition. It received a Best Animated Feature nomination at the Academy Awards following its 2o18 release.

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