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#Twitter Trolls Bachelor’s Hannah Ann Sluss for Her Mispronunciation of ‘Fiasco’ -BB

Hannah Ann Sluss from The Bachelor has earned the wrath of the Twitter-verse after she mispronounced a word this week. Although the popular contestant has been a major source of drama this season, Twitter trolls took a break from commenting on her behavior to drag her for her linguistic error. Every person mispronounces a word here and there, but not everyone does it on national television – sorry, Hannah Ann.

Although she’s obviously one of Peter Weber’s favorite women from this season, Sluss has been steeped in drama for the past few weeks. In the premiere episode of Season 24, Sluss stole Weber away from other women three times, a decision that often means that particular contestant won’t go very far. Weber, however, appreciated Sluss‘ aggressive approach. She snagged the first impression rose and continued to week two, where she ruffled more feathers by stealing Kelsey Weier’s sacred bottle of champagne. Although Sluss swore that she didn’t know the bottle belonged to Weier, her part in Champagne-Gate was another mark against her for some fans.

While the consequences of Champagne-Gate were still playing out at the beginning of this week’s episode, Sluss distracted fans from her tears through a particularly painful mispronunciation (via Cosmopolitan). While discussing the miscommunication with Weier, Sluss referred to the „fiasco of the champagne-stealing incident.“ Unfortunately, Sluss didn’t say fiasco. Instead, the star said a made-up word „finasco,“ immediately establishing her as the target of Twitter trolls across the internet. Some fans joked that ABC should hire an on-set tutor, while others blamed the mispronunciation on Sluss‘ age. One fan commented about the „finasco“ moment, check out the tweet below:

Sluss, however, was in good company with her embarrassing mispronunciation. Other Bachelor Nation Hannahs have made similar mistakes. Last season, Hannah Brown used „befumbled“ to describe the state of her emotions, which is sadly not a word. And who could forget Hannah Godwin’s upsetting pronunciation of gnocchi? While showing fans the ingredients she put into her dinner on her Instagram story, Godwin pronounced the pasta dish as „gnosh,“ which was simply incorrect.

Everyone messes up a word now and then. Unfortunately, Sluss messed up a word on national television, allowing the moment to be looped and turned into a meme that will feed the Twitter-verse for days to come. In reality, Sluss should be thrilled. Her linguistic error was a much-needed distraction from her constant drama with Kelsey Weier. Although she should definitely look up the spelling of fiasco in the dictionary, the amusing moment was surprisingly one of the least irritating things Sluss has done on this season so far.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Cosmopolitan@mobyd86

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