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US-born Anison Singer Diana Garnet Introduces The Igo World in „What’s Igo“ MV

31-year-old U.S.-born and Tokyo-based singer Diana Garnet has posted a full-length music video for her latest song „Igo no Uta / What’s Igo“ to introduce the world of Igo featuring a cute love story between a boy and a girl on her official YouTube channel. The bilingual song is written/composed by professional Igo player Shimojima Yohei 8th Dan, and arranged by Chris Hart and Paul Ballard.


Among anime fans, Garnet is best known as the singer of „Spinning World,“ the 32nd ED theme song for the Naruto Shippuden TV anime, which was released as her major debut single from Sony Music Records in February 2015.


She learned the basic rules of Igo when she was a child and became even more fond of it with Japanese manga Hikaru no Go. Thanks to that, she appeared in NHK Educational TV’s „Igo Focus“ as a regular assistant from April 2017 to March 2019 and has made appearances at various Igo-themed events.


She explains the reason for the release of this song, „When I thought about what I can do to help popularize Igo, which has become very popular overseas, I wondered if I could become a bridge between Japan and the world through a song.“


The CD single of „Igo no Uta / What’s Igo“ is set to be released on January 15, 2020.



„Igo no Uta / What’s Igo“ MV:



CD jacket (drawn by manga artist Nodoka Tsurimaki):





From „Igo Focus“:


Paul Ballard, Chris Hart, Shimojima Yohei 8th Dan, Diana Garnet





Source: Tokyo Cowboys press release 


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