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AEW: Dynamite Renewed Through 2023, New AEW Series Greenlighted -BB

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite is renewed through 2023, with an additional AEW series greenlighted. Premiering last October on TNT, the first episode of Dynamite opened with a highlight reel which focused on the show’s roster of performers. With the help of former WWE veterans that have flourished in a new environment, like Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and Cody, to newer talent that have shined in the spotlight, such as Jungle Boy and MJF, Dynamite has managed to hold steady in the ratings. Since its debut, AEW’s flagship program has averaged 1.2 million viewers. Considering that WWE NXT airs on the same night, in the same slot, AEW’s viewership is doubly impressive.

Part of the secret to AEW’s success is that the promotion looks different. Compared to WWE, which is recognized all over the world as a leader in popularizing wrestling matches to a broad audience, AEW’s presentation is admirably stripped down and simplistic. On WWE programs like Raw and Smackdown, episodes tend to be overproduced. Scripts are strictly worded and storylines are often set in stone, which has led to outspoken frustration from Jon Moxley. Even matches, happening live, can be redone if a sequence doesn’t go quite as planned. That was the case in a recent bout between Rey Mysterio and Andrade, leading to criticisms from fans online.

Cody attributes this difference in presentation to AEW’s grittier approach overall. Serving as an Executive Vice President of AEW behind the scenes, Cody learned from the positives of WWE while nonetheless striving to create a uniquely distinct alternative. That balance may not be fully achieved just yet, but the decisionmakers have plenty of time to work out the kinks. It has been announced, in a press release, that AEW: Dynamite received an extension through 2023. It was also revealed that WarnerMedia, the owner of TNT, had given the greenlight to a new AEW series. Along with the press release, a new trailer was unveiled. Check it out, via TNT, below.

The second series is known as AEW Dark. Currently streaming weekly on YouTube, AEW Dark typically features matches which take place either before or after Dynamite’s live broadcast. In wrestling terminology, these matches are referred to as “dark matches” – which is how the second series gets its title. Far from being simply offering complimentary content, AEW Dark has already showcased stellar battles such as the unsanctioned showdown between Kenny Omega and Joey Janela. An exact premiere date for AEW Dark is not yet known.

All Elite Wrestling overdelivered right out of the gate, according to TNT’s president Kevin Reilly, so the decision to turn AEW Dark into a network show was an easy one. Reilly, who is also the president of TBS and TruTV, in addition to being HBO Max’s chief content officer, added that the second series will include more video packages that serve as mini-documentaries and behind the scenes elements with the intention of building up the roster and furthering storylines in the long run.

Like many involved with AEW, from the wrestlers themselves to the crowds in attendance, Reilly appears to be strongly invested in AEW’s output. It’s not been perfect so far. Certain criticisms, such as the lack of focus on the women’s division, hold true. The focus on in-ring contests and larger storytelling, likewise, varies from week to week. Still, Dynamite has reached plenty of highs so far. With this early renewal, and expansion, the series now has a clear path forward.

Source: TNT

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