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DC Comics Preview: Amy Reeder’s Amethyst #1

On Wednesday, DC Comics released a new preview of the upcoming six-issue limited Amethyst series written and drawn by Amy Reeder. Spinning out of the event of Young Justice, Reeder’s Amethyst miniseries, which hits shops on February 26, finds Amy Winston returning to Gemworld to celebrate her sixteenth birthday, only to discover that her kingdom and subjects have gone missing.

This miniseries marks Reeder’s return to a DC Comics title since leaving The New 52 Batwoman series following reported creative differences. She’s had success with her Image Comics series Rocket Girl and co-writing (and co-creating) Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for Marvel Comics.

Amethyst, the Princess of Gemworld, was created by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, and artist Ernie Colón in 1983, first appearing in Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume 2) #298. Amethyst was then featured in a twelve-issue limited series, which established her as a teenage girl named Amy Winston, who discovers she is the orphaned princess of the magical land of Gemworld and the evil ruler, Dark Opal, is out to destroy her. She would later learn that Citrina, a Gemworld witch, saved her life by sending her to Earth to raised by Herb and Marion Winston, who were unaware of Amy’s true origin. When Amy reaches the age of 13, she learns her true origin, and she returns to Gemworld and discovers that she possesses a host of powers such as flight, spell-casting, energy manipulation, matter transmutation, and the ability to tap other sources of magical energy to amplify her powers.

Amethyst reappeared during the first arc of the Wonder Comics imprint Young Justice, Seven Crises, which began with Lord Opal and his followers invading Prime Earth as revenge for Gemworld, which was being destroyed by the multiple Crises on Prime Earth. The reunited Young Justice team is transported to Gemworld, where they meet Amethyst, who has fallen out of favor with the Gem council who sees her methods of protecting Gemworld as out of line. After defeating Lord Opal with the help of the other Earth heroes, Amethyst tells the Gemworld council that she will voluntarily return to Earth with the rest of the Young Justice team. Once they leave Gemworld, the head of the House of Emerald reveals that Amethyst has been banished from Gemworld and is never again allowed to return.

From the preview pages released by DC and the events that followed in the pages of  Young Justice, it is safe to assume that the New52 version of the character no longer exists, and Amethyst’s original origin is now back in continuity. The Amethyst miniseries also seems that it will be continuing the story that started in Young Justice, focusing on what has happened to Gemworld since Amethyst left to return to Earth.

The preview pages of art and writing confirm that Reeder was an excellent choice for the Amethyst miniseries and will be one that should be picked up once it shows up on the shelves. Check out the preview pages and covers below!








  • AMETHYST #1 (OF 6)
  • Written by Amy Reeder
  • Art and cover art by Amy Reeder
  • Following her triumphant reintroduction in the pages of Young Justice, the new Amethyst miniseries follows teenager Amy Winston-a.k.a. Princess Amethyst-as she returns to her magical kingdom to celebrate her 16th birthday in style. The only problem? Her kingdom is missing, her subjects have vanished, and none in the realm of Gemworld-even her best friend, Lady Turquoise-remain loyal to her house! Alone and dejected, Amy’s forced to find new allies and confront dark secrets on an all-new quest to the farthest reaches of Gemworld.
  • In Shops: Feb 26, 2020

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