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DC Movie Story Future Reportedly Has A New Lead -BB

Warner Bros. and DC’s movie franchise is currently tracking a different course with more emphasis on solo movies, and it seems like Jim Lee will be the man to oversee their projects moving forward. The studio has long produced comic book adaptations on the big screen, but their plans for an interconnected franchise similar to Marvel Studios‘ MCU only really began in 2013 via Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, which kicked off the DCEU. Since then, they’ve released several more films in the hopes of building their own universe, unfortunately, things didn’t go as well as they hoped it would be.

To say that the DCEU was off to a rocky start would be an understatement. While the films did well in the box office department, most of them were critically divisive. It didn’t help that production   woes were made public, specifically the ones hat plagued Justice League. Amidst all that, Warner Bros was able to make some necessary adjustments to ensure that they have a sustainable slate moving forward that involves veering away from interconnectivity. Instead, solo projects are prioritized with a slew of them in their pipeline. As the studio continues to work their way on their lineup, it seems like Lee would be the man to lead them to these new era of DC movies. 

In light of the surprising cameo from Ezra Miller’s Flash in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover where he met his small screen counterpart played by Grant Gustin, Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim was asked how they’re able to pull such feat. In an interview with Variety, the showrunner was asked if the events of the TV special means that Ezra’s movie Flash no longer exists considering that going through the multiverse was to ensure that there’s only one version of each hero existing. Guggenheim declined to comment, and instead directed queries to the studio and surprisingly, Lee. „I will leave that question to Warner Bros. and DC. They have a wonderful vision for not just Ezra’s Flash, but also the entire DC universe. Jim Lee is the man to talk to,“ he said.

While Guggenheim didn’t directly say that Lee is creatively in charge of the DC movie franchise, his answer implies that he has knowledge as to how Warner Bros. is planning to tackle their film universe moving forward. An all around comic book publisher, Lee started as an artist for Marvel comics in 1987, but he’s mostly known for his work under DC . There, he alongside Geoff Johns, launched „The New 52“ which relaunched 52 new stories with no. 1 issues, essentially rebooting the print universe for the brand. Currently, Lee is the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, coincidentally, a position previously held by Johns before he stepped down in 2018. It’s worth noting, however, that Walter Hamada is still the president of DC film production, which gives him the authority over what kind of projects are green lit.

All that being said, Hamada’s position doesn’t mean that there’s no room for Lee as they can fulfill different roles in the organization. As Hamada oversees more of the business side of things, acting as a traditional producer, Lee can focus on the creative side of the operations. While Marvel Studios has Kevin Feige juggling both roles for the MCU, Warner Bros. and DC can structure their executive line up in a way that will work the best for them.

Source: Variety

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