How to convert ‘fake’ Google Search bar on Google Chrome into real

You must have noticed that a new tab in Chrome shows a search box in the center of the page. However, that’s a ‘fake’ search bar and redirects the user to the address bar where they can actually search anything they want. Another thing you’ll notice that the search field disappears when any other search engine is set as the default. However, there’s a way to activate that ‘fake’ search field and here’s how you can do it.

Latest version of Google Chrome

Working internet connection

Make sure to set Google as your default search engine

Steps to activate the Google Search box in the new tab page
Google Chrome has a flag in the experimental flag section that can actually convert the fake search box into a real search field.


Type‘ chrome://flags/‘ in the address bar


Look for the option‘ Zero Suggestions in the real search box on New Tab Page‘


Choose the option ‚Activate‘ from the dropdown menu

The process is straightforward; all you need to do is open Google Chrome and type chrome://flags/‘ in the search field and press enter. It will open the ‚Experiments‘ flag page in the browser. Here press Ctrl + F and type Zero Suggestions in real search box on New Tab Page.

Once found, tap on the dropdown menu located in front of the option and select the option ‚Activate‘ and then a popup will appear at the bottom of the browser asking to relaunch the browser. Click on it and then head to a new tab, the center Search Box will now start working as a regular search box.

For those unaware, Google placed this center search box in Chrome’s new tab back in 2012 as an experimental feature and it’s there since then. The primary purpose of the box was to redirect the user to the address bar where they can search for anything they want.

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