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Along with several other new features in WatchOS 6, Apple also brought a feature that now allows users to delete the pre-installed apps on the watch. That being said, users can now delete any first-party apps from their Apple Watch, in case they don’t use that app. But, what if, you have removed any app accidentally or want to bring back a deleted app after a while. Well, thanks to the built-in app store in Apple Watch that allows users to manage the apps on the watch.

So, if you are looking to reinstall an app you’ve deleted, follow along to know how to get back deleted apps on Apple Watch.

Before proceeding with the steps, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. As already mentioned, the feature is only available in WatchOS 6 or later, so make sure that your Apple Watch is running the latest version of the WatchOS. Another important thing is internet connectivity, which is necessary to download the app from the Apple Watch store.

Now, to download deleted apps again, follow the steps below.


First, open App Store app on your Apple Watch and tap on the Search box


Now, use your voice or scribble input method to search the deleted app


Hit that cloud button with download arrow to get back the deleted app.

The process of downloading a deleted app on Apple Watch is simple; all you need to do is head to the Apple Watch app store and search the app. Now, you can do that either giving voice command or using the scribble input method. Once you see that app in the search result, tap on it and then tap on the download icon that is represented by a iCloud icon with a download arrow.

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