Most dangerous online banking scam of 2019 that cheated Indians

The most dangerous mobile banking scam in India in 2019 had nothing to do with malware-infected smartphones or ransomware. The scam had to entirely do with digital illiteracy among citizens and some fraud customer service representatives. Most online mobile banking scam including UPI or even Paytm e-KYC scam occured in the country because citizens do not understand how remote desktop apps like AnyDesk or TeamViewer work.

Note that AnyDesk or Teamviewer are completely legal apps and not a malware. Like any remote device control app, AnyDesk is a tool for IT professionals to work on remote devices without being on-site. This means by using this tool you can take control of other devices remotely. The situation is similar to how a popular useful tool like WhatsApp is being used to spread fake news due to lack of awareness. As for AnyDesk, very few seem to know about this and they end up giving access to their mobile screens to fraudsters.

Here is everything you must know about the most popular scam of 2019…

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