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Netflix’s The Witcher: Geralt’s 10 Most Badass Scenes

Netflix’s The Witcher has certainly been a hit for the streaming platform, though reviews have been mixed. There have been questions about the season’s length, its chronology, and its style. What has not been questioned, and cannot be argued, is that Henry Caville’s performance as Geralt of Rivia has been completely engrossing and entirely badass. Having binged all eight episodes of the series first season, Geralt had a lot of standout moments.

He’s quite the master swordsman and, though he speaks little, when he does talk, he has some of the best lines. Below we count down the most badass scenes from season one.

10 The Dragon’s Den

In episode six of season one fans get to enjoy Jaskier, Yennefer, and Geralt all in the same episode and, for once, in the same storyline. They are supposed to go out and slay a dragon. That, of course, is not exactly what ends up happening. Yennefer and Geralt, at least, actually find themselves defending the dragon, but more importantly, its egg. The fight in and of itself is a pretty badass scene where both Yennefer and Geralt get to show off their skills, but they also get to kiss in the middle of the chaos. Excellent move.

9 The Court of Cintra

Again paired up with Jaskier, Geralt goes along with the bard to the court of Cintra to participate in the betrothal feast of Queen Calanthe’s daughter, Pavetta. This, of course, is the important moment when Ciri and Geralt’s connection is clarified for viewers as they are bound together by the Law of Surprise. Why does this come about? Because, again, Geralt gets into one hell of a fight. But instead of working with the well-armed guards of Cintra, he decides he’s going to fight against them to protect Duny, future father of Ciri herself. Always awesome to take on a fight against the odds.

8 The Devil

Geralt is quite the badass with a blade, but he’s also a fighter who knows how to use his hands. In episode two Geralt is asked to investigate grain theft, supposedly being taken by the „devil“. The devil is actually a sylvan and likes to throw things at people who come after it. How does Geralt take this assault? Not well. In the end he jumps at the sylvan and slams him to the ground. It’s not a successful fight, as Geralt ends up captured by elves, but it is one fun moment for viewers to witness.

7 The Zombies

In the season finale, fans get to watch Geralt lose a fight (for all intents and purposes). He returns to rescue a farmer who has been burying bodies (though Geralt warned him not to) from the newly animated ghoul corpses of the victims he’s so recently tried to aid. Geralt fights the zombie creatures with his sword (until he loses it) and then with his bare hands. All is amazing, and well and good, until the scene comes to an end and Geralt realizes he’s been injured, and it’s going to take more than one of his regular potions to recover.

6 The Djinn

It makes perfect sense that Geralt’s first meeting (chronologically) with Yennefer would end up somewhere on the list. Having brought Jaskier to Yennefer so she can heal him from his djinn injury, Yennefer tries instead to bind the djinn to herself and increase her powers. This does not go well, as Geralt knew it wouldn’t. When all hope seems lost it is not Geralt’s sword or fists that put an end to the chaos, but his words (though we don’t know exactly what those were).

The scene ends with Yennefer literally falling away from danger and into his arms. Nice.

5 The Striga

While Geralt’s fight with the Striga opened the first book The Last Wish, it does not appear on screen until episode three. This epic battle, that has to last until first light to break the curse and restore the princess (who is in fact the striga) opened the books for a reason, and the Netflix team certainly did not disappoint when it came to putting it all on screen.

Even as the striga turns back into a young girl her monstrous tendencies seep through and she continues to attack. What does Geralt do? Bights her on the neck with his own teeth.

4 The Kikimore

The striga fight may open the books, but it is Geralt’s fight with a kikimore that opens the Netflix series. Our first introduction to Geralt of Rivia on screen finds him fighting a spiderlike creature single-handedly and knee-deep in water. The kikimore is huge and has a tendency to try and drown Geralt. But viewers get to enjoy some last minute sword skills as the kikimore loses a leg before getting stabbed straight through the jaw and into whatever a kikimore has for a brain. Badass introduction to our protagonist.

3 Evil is Evil

Not all of Geralt’s badass moments include him fighting. Though he is a man of few words (as Jaskier is always reminding him) when he does speak he has quite a way of making his point. In the series premiere, Geralt tells Stregobor that he will not kill Princess Renfri for him, despite Stregobor’s argument that she is evil. „Evil is evil,“ Geralt tells the sorcerer. That’s a mic drop for sure.

2 The Butcher of Blaviken

Like the fight with the kikimore, the fight that gave Geralt the name, „The Butcher of Blaviken,“ also appears in the first episode of The Witcher’s first season. Geralt isn’t just a killer of spindly legged monsters, nor is he only successful when he fights a monster or person one on one. He is forced to kill all of Princess Renfri’s men in quite the epic close quarters battle moment before he has to kill the princess herself. It doesn’t turn out the way Geralt had hoped, but he certainly shows everyone why he’s not a person to be messed with.

1 Yennefer’s Party

In episode five Geralt meets Yennefer, hoping she can save Jaskier from his djinn injury. Upon entering her residence he finds himself a part of Yennefer’s orgy party rather than in the home of a respectable healer. When Yennefer appears in all black, including a mask of lace, she lets Geralt know she’s never met a Witcher before. She is surprised he doesn’t have fangs or horns. Despite the distracting party around him and the desperate need of his friend Geralt keeps his cool and tells her calmly, „I had them filed down.“

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