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Seth McFarlane Will Surprisingly Create New Content For NBC, Not FOX

In a surprising move, Seth MacFarlane is leaving FOX to create content for NBC. An actor, filmmaker, comedian, and singer, MacFarlane is perhaps best known for creating Family Guy. Since premiering in 1999, the raunchy animated comedy centered around the Griffin family has left an indelible cultural legacy and generated a fair amount of controversy. MacFarlane has even had to field requests from celebrities, eager to cameo in an animated form which resembled of Stewie and Meg. A part was written for Robert Downey Jr., after the actor contacted production staff and mentioned that his son was a fan of the series. Britney Spears asked if she could appear on Family Guy, as a way of hitting back at South Park for mocking her personal troubles. MacFarlane declined, not wanting to push a rivalry between the two shows.

The success of Family Guy can also be measured by the money it has generated during its run. As of 2008, it was estimated that the television franchise had earned $1 billion in total revenue. The number accounts for syndication, DVD sales, and merchandise. The achievements of Family Guy have allowed MacFarlane to branch out and create other programs, including American Dad! and the sci-fi series The Orville. MacFarlane has also established himself on the big screen, directing the two Ted installments and A Million Ways to Die in the West.

The versatile performer will continue to create content, but it won’t be at his longtime home of 20th Century Fox Television. Per Deadline, MacFarlane is leaving FOX after signing a massive seven-figure deal with NBCUniversal Content Studios. The deal, which has been reported to be for five years and worth at least $200 million, involves MacFarlane developing and producing projects for both NBC and its upcoming streaming service Peacock. It was additionally noted by Deadline that FOX had made an effort to keep MacFarlane. However, in the end, NBC won out.

The move, which is not expected to alter the actor’s on-screen commitments to any of his shows, is undoubtedly a major signing by NBCUniversal. MacFarlane will be joining a roster of talent that includes Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail, Tina Fey, and Mike Schur.

While streaming services and their bidding wars for the likes of Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rhimes, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are relatively well-known, in part because they fit into a larger narrative about the dominance of streaming, MacFarlane’s move to NBC is proof that traditional networks are still quite willing to attract proven successes with astronomical offers.

Source: Deadline

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