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Sharon Osbourne Says She Didn’t Really Fire Her Assistant After Saving Dogs from Fire -BB

Cohost of The ViewSharon Osbourne takes back her story and said that she didn’t let go of her assistant after saving her dogs from a fire. The British television host has always had a soft spot for her fur babies and fans find it hard to believe that she would punish someone for saving her dogs.

The outspoken TV personality first became a household name when starred alongside her husband, Ozzy Osbourne in their very popular MTV show, The Osbournes. The show followed the everyday lives of the Black Sabbath rocker and his family which mostly consisted of cursing and acting not exactly like your average family. Sharon then went to work on America’s Got Talent where she worked on the show from seasons 2 to 7 but left in July of 2012.

Sharon told a story recently on Would I Lie to You? –  that she claimed was taken out of context and exaggerated according to People. The main plot of the story consisted of the dog lover having claimed that she made her assistant run back into a burning house only to fire him for saving her dogs. The mother of two tried to clear up any miscommunication regarding the story on The View which aired on Friday, January 10th, saying that she meant for the story to be a joke. The 67-year-old then claimed that she did not fire the assistant for saving the family’s artwork during a fire. But rather the truth of the story was that she had a fire at her house.

As she spoke to her cohosts and viewers, Sharon tried to explain that she had told her husband’s personal assistant to try and save the paintings at the time saying, “He went in, he got the paintings out.” The band manager then added that during the interview for Would I Lie to You? she concocted the part about firing him after his heroics. The TV star added that she was on a comedy show so she was just trying to be funny.

While Sharon backtracked with her story, she also made it clear that she fired the assistant fifteen years later. The confusing story had left many The View fans upset. Fans took to social media to express how disappointed they were in Sharon, causing her to come clean and explain the true story. Luckily, no dogs or assistants were hurt in the making of the story.

Source: People

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