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Sponsored Post – Mahjong Soul Launches Christmas Event on Both Mobile and Web!

Mahjong Soul Christmas

December 13th, 2019 – Shanghai – Anime-themed Japanese riichi mahjong game Mahjong Soul has launched its Christmas Event on both mobile and the web. New match gameplay, Christmas themed skins, decorations, and massive rewards can be claimed every day!


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Event No.1 – Chiori’s Trouble
During the event, players can accept four tasks every day. After tasks are completed, players can claim rewards like copper, affiliation gifts, spheres, and more.


Chiori's Trouble


Event No.2 – Open Hand Match
Open Hand Match is a new, limited-time gameplay mode available from 12/11 8:00PM ~ 12/26 1:59PM PST.


Open Hand Match

Open Hand Match play will start competitions with open hands, in which all players’ original tiles will automatically be shown to others. After discarding the first tile, player draws will not be shown for the remainder of the match. This exhilarating twist adds another layer of challenge to traditional Mahjong matches.


Event No.3 – Christmas Carnival Limited Edition
A brand new lobby background Shrine Yard – Snow White

Snow Shrine Yard

Four festive character costumes for Chiori Mikami, Kana Fujita, Yui Yagi, and Sora Ichinose.

Local Yaku

Easter Egg – Local Yaku
Local Yaku debuted on June 6th in the Melee Room, and made its second in-game appearance during Halloween. It was a featured Yaku, who occasionally made appearances in game. But now, players can win a match with Local Yaku in Tournament and Friendly Match modes.


Local Yaku


About Mahjong Soul 

Mahjong Soul is an anime-themed Japanese riichi mahjong game available on both mobile and web. The game features famous Japanese voice actresses, kawaii anime girl characters with unique personalities, character lines, and backstories, and a customizable game experience where players flexibly choose their own BGM, effects, styles. 


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About Yostar Games

Founded in 2014 and publisher of Azur Lane, Yostar Games specializes in game development, global distribution, investment, and video game IP management. Situated in Tokyo and Shanghai, Yostar Games has rapidly become the top publisher and developer of the anime genre in China and is striving to become a global leader in the gaming industry.

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