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Street Fighter V: 5 Advanced Tips & Tricks the Pros Use -BB

The competitive landscape of Street Fighter V can be a brutal and difficult environment to develop and grow as a player. After reaching a point of understanding fighting game basics, a player may find it difficult to advance to proficiency and eventual mastery. Certainly having a grasp of fundamentals is a good way to advance through ranks but there is always room to improve. There are a variety of tactics and techniques that can develop a novice into a master.

When training and practicing in Street Fighter V there are a variety of tips and tricks that will develop and advance your skills. These tips will assume that you have a basic understanding of Street Fighter V and will build upon the foundation of entry-level knowledge. These are not guaranteed to advance your rank or lead you to win Evo but they will certainly help any player to improve.

Pressure in the context of Street Fighter is the term that represents a player’s ability to stay on the offense against his opponent. Pressure typically comes in the way of pressing a blocking opponent or pressuring an opponent’s wake-up. Learning and refining your pressure is an essential way to improve and grow while playing Street Fighter V.

The first way to develop a good understanding of pressure is by learning and mastering your character’s „block strings“ or moves done in a sequence that are safe and force your opponent to block. An example of this would be Ryu’s crouching medium kick into his fireball, a sequence that cannot be punished and forces an opponent to stay blocking.

Another example would be chaining buttons together such as two crouching light buttons into a quick medium button. This keeps your opponent on the defensive and allows you to stay on the offense and pressure your enemy. Block strings are an opportunity for a player to stack „chip“ damage on your opponent and open the door for stagger pressure. Stagger pressure is when a player waits a second before completing a block string and can force your opponent into thinking they can counter-attack. So by delaying your fireball after Ryu’s crouching medium kick could allow for it to hit your enemy. Learning and mixing up your block string pressure is essential for opening an enemy up and chipping away at his or her health.

Pressure on an enemy’s wake up is referred to as „meaty“ pressure or „Oki.“ This is when you time a move perfectly on your opponent as they are waking up that no option they perform, minus invincible reversals, can beat out your attack. So when Ryu performs a forward throw attack pressing his standing heavy punch will be „meaty“ on your opponent’s wake-up.

When mastering this idea keep in mind the variety of options you have when getting up. Quick rise, back rise or delay wake up are all options that should be accounted for when learning your character’s meaty options. However, a master at this pressure will force an opponent to crumble in his constant offense and will separate a bad player from a great one.

A „tick throw“ is a move that is so advantageous on a block that your character can throw your enemy before they can counter-attack the blocked button. The only option an enemy has when facing a tick throw is to break the throw attempt or take the throw. This is a powerful technique that when mastered can bump you from Rookie all the way to Silver in no time.

These tick throws can allow for damage when your opponent believes he is safe to simply block. If a player uses a character with some powerful command grab special moves, this will be one of the main staples of your offensive capabilities. Learning how to perform a tick throw and how to defend from one will certainly improve your game into at least an intermediate level.

Be sure to learn which moves your character possesses that leaves them at enough advantage to successful tick throw. A fake tick throw can lead to a massive punish and even a lost round if not careful.

A „buffer“ is when you press a normal attack that can be canceled into a powerful special move. However, the attack requires expert timing to cancel into the move. An example of this would be Ryu’s standing light kick into his uppercut special. These moves are typically very unsafe on block and can spell death if done carelessly. This is where the buffering technique comes into play. A buffer is when a player presses the normal attack and performing the motion of the special but waiting before pressing the final button.

To dissect it even further, with our example provided, the player would press Ryu’s standing light kick and input the uppercut motion. However, he would wait and see if the light kick hits or is blocked before finishing the special move. This will keep him relatively safe in case it is blocked due to him not finishing the cancel. If it hits than you finish the motion performing the uppercut.

This is an advanced technique and requires both technical skill and expert timing. There is a way to assist when practicing this technique and that is to set the training dummy to „random“ block and practicing your buffer. This will force a player to practice canceling the buffer on the hit and not canceling it on the block. It will simulate the real match application of this technique and will assist in mastering it.

When practicing the buffer be sure to look at the hit spark that appears on your enemy. If it is blue and white than it was blocked and don’t finish the special move. If it is orange and white than it hit and feel free to cancel the move. Another visual cue for a buffer is to look at your enemy’s health bar and perform the buffer when you see their life bar go down. Whichever way you prefer to practice this technique and master it. It will provide a high damaging option that can be used as a counter or simply an oppressive neutral tool when playing matches.

The tips provided, when applied to a player’s game plan, can improve an intermediate player’s game into that of a master. Be sure to practice and apply these tips to further improve your skills and continue down the path to Street Fighter V mastery.

Street Fighter V is available on Playstation 4 and PC.

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