This is how you can use your iPhone without touching it

At times we feel that our smartphones should be smart enough to be able to understand more voice commands than just waking up Siri and answering queries. Well, Apple, in its iOS 13 update, added a new Voice Control feature that allows users to control almost every function of the iPhone without touching them.

Though the feature is actually designed for physically disabled people, it also comes in handy at times when we can’t use the smartphone physically. Basically, the voice control feature is an Accessibility option as an alternative to physical control.

Read to know how to enable voice controls and what all you can do with it.


  • iOS 13 or above
  • Working internet connectivity

How to enable Voice control feature on your iPhone


Open Settings on your iPhone


Navigate to Accessibility option


Look for Voice Control option and top on it


Tap on Set Up Voice Control to start the process

At the setup screen go through all the commands and controls you can do with your Voice and then tap on the Set Up button. After this, it will automatically download the necessary files required to enable the feature in the background.

What all you can do
As per Apple’s claim, this is a direct alternative to physical controls and can do almost everything from opening a message, typing a message, to navigating through menus and other options. Here’s a sample list.

Navigate on the screen: Up, down, left and right

Zoom in and out, scroll, rotate, two-finger tap, long press, pan up or down, double-tap

Select an item on the screen

Navigate through menu options and change them

Check Notification Center

Open third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter, Browsers, etc.

Make a new post, open a new browser, etc.

Tap on a specific location the screen

Take notes

Select texts or entire statements, copy, paste, drag and drop

Navigate to home, go back, open Siri, take screenshot

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