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10 Other Characters The DC Universe Could Give The Harley Quinn Treatment -BB

What DC Universe has done with Harley Quinn is absolutely genius. The streaming service created an adult-oriented cartoon that centers on Harley, Poison Ivy, and Harley’s crew, and it is fantastic. The series is absolutely hilarious, and the fact that it is one of the few original offerings that the platform has really helps things, too. With such a successful format, there are surely a few more DC characters that we could apply it to, right? Today, we’ll be looking at ten different options for just that. Let’s get into it.

10 The Wonder Twins

… These guys. Any attempt at a serious version of the Wonder Twins needs to be discarded if we’re going to make an animated show about them. Look at these two idiots, they have no idea what’s going on, as if you look closely, you’ll notice that they aren’t even touching rings, just kind of fist-bumping. Perfect.

A Wonder Twins show would likely lean into their odd powers and existence as a whole for its comedy. There would also probably be a lot of fourth-wall breaking, which just perfectly fits this weird duo.

9 Shazam!

2019’s Shazam! did a great job of introducing a loveable, naive character to the DCEU that wasn’t quite like the rest of the heroes that we’d seen up to that point. It did well enough that to earn itself a sequel and spin-off, so why not throw in an animated show as well? Shazam’s DCEU portrayal was goofy and fun, perfect for this style of animated show. Shazam would work well as the leading man of an animated show, so why not make it a reality? The DCEU movie was basically 50% comedy, the foundation is already there.

8 The Hive

Teen Titan’s Hive students would be another great group to receive their own spin-off animated show, maybe as a sort of grown-up version of Teen Titans Go! The team is pretty comically bad in about every attempt that they make at villainy, so a show about the group would be pretty easy to make, as they’ve got plenty of material to work with already. We’d also probably see a lot of interaction with the Titans, which is never a bad thing.

7 Aquaman

Aquaman might be another character that would be good for this kind of format. While Jason Mamoa’s version is way more capable to most of the general public than what they’d seeon of Aquaman before, he’s still kind of just Big Fish Man in the eyes of some.

And this could work in favor of a possible Aquaman show. Similarly to Harley trying to prove to the world that she’s her own capable supervillain, Aquaman could be trying to prove all the non-believers wrong by being the best hero that he can be. This is plenty of material for an animated show to work with.

6 Flash

No matter what version of Flash that you’re working with, he’s usually a pretty fun and personable guy, so why not give him a show? This runnin‘ boy could get into all sorts of trouble, what with his sprinting around to change history and whatnot. They could make some sort of a Flashpoint adaptation that is completely turned on its head in goofy ways, there are really all sorts of possibilities. There’s a lot to dig into with the flash and his massive backstory, easily enough to make an animated show out of.

5 The Teen Titans

Is this just an excuse to beg for more Teen Titans? … Maybe so. Either way… give it to us. A hilarious action-comedy animated show starring the Teen Titans in the best way to get them back into the public eye. They’ve experimented recently with Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans, so the interest is certainly still there. Whether it is a continuation of the old series, or a brand new one… just give our Titans back to us, please. Not the tiny stupid ones though, the taller ones.

4 Superboy

Another DC Universe show, Titans, recently introduced Superboy into the fray, so why not continue to boost his profile on the service with an animated show? Superboy could be funny, depending on the route that they take with him. The Titans version was a conflicted mess with the intellect of a three-year-old, so things weren’t exactly fun for the most part.

Still, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t make a different version of Superboy that is a lot more comedic. While Superman doesn’t necessarily fit this kind of show, Superboy’s kiddish nature puts him in a great position to headline a comedic animated show.

3 Joker

Joker could actually do pretty well with his own show, too. While we would probably want a different Joker than the one from the Harley Quinn show (we want to see her take this one down, after all), he’d still be a great lead for an animated show. The man is a literal monster that has absolutely zero qualms about doing, you know, horrible things, so why not give him a cute little animated show? It’ll be just great!

2 Gotham City Sirens

We’ve already got Harley and Poison Ivy on the same team, so… Gotham City Sirens spin-off? Come on, it’s just perfect. Running as a side-series to Harley Quinn, or as a spin-off, a completely separate show, no matter how they do it, a Gotham City Sirens show would be perfect. Considering that this trio is relatively unknown outside of the comic world, it’s time they get a little love anyway.

1 Birds Of Prey

In the comics, the actual Birds of Prey team doesn’t include Harley Quinn, so let’s confuse everyone and make an animated show about the actual team. This one could be funny, maybe a bit more serious, who knows! With the new attention that the team is going to get from the upcoming DCEU movie, it is absolutely prime time for an animated show centered on those shrieking birds.

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