Annoyed by spam email messages, here are three ways you can permanently block them

Emails today are an essential mode of communication not only in terms of professional work but also for several other purposes as well, such as receiving relevant bank transaction notifications, policy updates and mode. Having said that, there is another type of email messages that marketers send as promotions for their products and services. Apart from this, several email scams have also appeared where hackers target users to steal their data or money.

So, if you are annoyed with all such emails and moving them to the Spam folder is not working, here are three ways you can permanently block such messages in Gmail.


  • Working internet connectivity
  • Google Account login credentials
  • PC or Mac with browser

Method 1: By blocking specific sender

If you are receiving any random promotional messages from a specific set of senders, Gmail allows users to block emails from a particular sender.


To do this, head to and login


Locate the email from a particular sender and open it


Click on the three vertical dots and then click on the ‘Block’ option


Confirm by clicking on Block button again in the popup

Method 2: Block emails using Filters

Google has also added email filters that enable users to set specific filters and filter such emails.


To do this, login into your Gmail account and tap on the drop-down button from the search bar


Now, type-in the sender’s name or email id in the ‘To’ field and then click on Create Filter


In the next step, choose the option ‘Delete it’ to permanently delete all the emails received from given email addresses.

Method 3: Use keywords to block or delete emails

Again head to search filter option by clicking on the drop-down menu and type keywords like Promotions, sale, discounts, offers, free, won, etc under ‘Has the word’ section and click on Create Filter and later choose the option ‘Delete it’.

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