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Baby Yoda’s Head On Hulk’s Body Is The Ultimate Nightmare Fuel -BB

The head of The Mandalorian star Baby Yoda on the body of The Hulk makes for a truly disturbing image. It may be 2020, but the hype surrounding The Child aka Baby Yoda is showing no signs of fading. Indeed, fans will soon be getting hyped all over again as the first official Baby Yoda merchandise begins making its way out to stores after Disney held off on offering merch in order to keep the character’s arrival a secret.

In the final analysis, Jon Favreau and company made a brilliant move keeping Baby Yoda’s existence under wraps until The Mandalorian’s first episode debuted on Disney+ (Donald Glover in fact gave Favreau the idea to preserve the secret during a conversation about Beyonce). The surprise of The Child’s first appearance at the end of the premiere episode set off a perfect storm of buzz that continued to rage all through the remaining seven episodes, with the internet unleashing a flurry of memes, mash-up videos and other Baby Yoda content (all playing into Disney’s hands in helping to hype the show).

Indeed there seems to be no end to the creativity of fans when it comes to finding new ways of showcasing Baby Yoda. The latest example of Baby Yoda art comes from journalist Yashar Ali who, for some reason, was inspired to tweet an image of The Child’s head on the body of another popular green-skinned pop culture stalwart, The Hulk. And the visual is disturbing to say the least. See the image in the space below:

Disturbing Baby Yoda art in fact has become almost a sub-genre unto itself, with examples including a terrifying image of several Baby Yodas eating Jabba the Hutt and another genuinely disconcerting picture of The Child with human skin (making him look like Dobby from Harry Potter). Of course, most Baby Yoda art tends toward the adorable instead of the nightmarish, which is only fitting given how inherently cute the little puppet was made to look.

And then of course there is the art that mashes up Baby Yoda with other pop culture entities, like the video that puts The Child into the middle of the action in Avengers: Endgame. Given their shared skin tone, it only made sense for someone to finally merge Baby Yoda with Avengers character The Hulk, and the results are predictably hard on the eyes and brain. Thankfully, the real Baby Yoda remains cute instead of repulsive, at least for the time being. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how the character matures physically and in terms of his Force powers when The Mandalorian season 2 arrives in Fall 2020.

Source: Yashar Ali/Twitter

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