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Batman Beyond’s Teaming Up With… Bruce Wayne’s Son? -BB

Warning: Mild Spoilers for Batman Beyond

The upcoming Batman Beyond #43 sees Terry back on his feet and ready to hit the streets of Neo-Gotham, but he might not be ready for who he will find there. It seems that the heir to the Demon and the heir to the Cowl might have some catching up to do.

DC Comics seems to be taking the tack of no rest for even the not wicked on the heels of Terry’s battle with the Splitt and False Face (even with The Flash’s help). Falsely accused, Terry is on the run and even his allies can’t seem to find him.  In the aftermath, a mysterious, new heroine has stepped into the cowl to keep Neo-Gotham covered in Terry’s absence, but with the return of a new (and improved?) Blight, one of Terry’s greatest enemies, the new girl in town might have already found herself in deeper waters than she imagined. The good news is that Terry seems to be on the road back home – even if that return might bring a whole new set of troubles to Neo-Gotham’s doorstep.

The official DC soliciations for Batman Beyond #43 (via CBR) has revealed that just as Terry takes up his mantle once more, he will be visited by Goliath, the beloved pet of Bruce’s son, Damian Wayne. Where Goliath treads, or rather flies, Damian is mostly likely not far behind. Nothing ever seems to remain calm with Damian on the scene, so hopefully Terry will be recovered enough from his other recent trials to take on whatever Bruce’s son has to dish out.

The last major meeting between the two heirs ended in an agree-to-disagree type truce brokered over their mutual ties to Bruce, and Damian even helped save Terry’s life. That is, of course, not to say the events leading up to that were anywhere near peaceful. Terry went toe-to-toe with Ra’s Al Ghul, who seemed personally offended by the new Batman, only to discover that it was in fact Damian he was fighting. Despite his confidence, Terry was on the losing side of their conflict until his new suit, a dangerous prototype, increased the lethal nature of his attacks to the point that he apparently killed Goliath.

It is perhaps notable in light of Damian’s bond and Terry’s history that Goliath instead of Damian is the one showing up in Neo-Gotham. Damian and his pet bat-dragon have had an incredible bond ever since baby Goliath moved Damian to spare his life. In fact, in the Rise of the Demon story line, Damian was so affected by Bruce saving Goliath after the mishap with Terry’s suit that he reconsidered his missile attack. Goliath has shown a similar concern for Damian as well, and the bat-dragon may be seeking out Terry to ask for help, especially if Damian refuses to or cannot. It would have to be a pretty serious matter for Damian, or even Goliath, to reach out to Terry given both Damian’s role as Ra’s Al Ghul and his vocal belief that Terry is an imposter. Will Terry be forced to return the favor of Damian saving his life? Is there any chance that Goliath’s hulking adorableness can get Damian and Terry to work together?

Whatever the circumstances, any adventure involving these two “sons” of Batman is sure to wreak havoc. Whether it will be on each other or another target… remains to be seen.

  • written by DAN JURGENS
  • cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN
  • variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
  • Terry McGinnis has his memories back, and he’s ready to resume his duties as Batman in Neo-Gotham. But as soon as he comes home, so does Goliath, the Man-Bat pet of Damian Wayne. What adventure with the heir of the Demon lies in store for Batman Beyond?

Batman Beyond #43 goes on sale April 22, 2020 in your local comics shop or online.

Source: CBR

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