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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has already made Fastags mandatory for both commercial and private vehicles starting December 15 last year for all toll payments across the country. The initiative was taken to reduce the bottleneck on highways. However, assuming you have already purchased your Fastags from the dedicated PoS centres, online stores or enlisted Banks, one needs to activate the same to be able to use it on the toll plazas.

So, if you are still struggling with the activation process or wondering how to recharge your Fastag, follow our step-by-step guide:

There are two ways one can activate their Fastags — a self-activation using MyFastag app or visiting the nearest bank branch.

Method 1: Using MyFastag app
The self-activation only works if you have purchased your Fastag from an online retailer such as Amazon. The activation process is simple as all you need to do is enter your vehicle details into the MyFastag app and it will be activated automatically.

Method 2: By visiting the nearest Bank branch

The Fastags can be linked to any bank account upon purchase by visiting a certified bank branch and get the Fastag activated. To complete the activation process, users will have to get their KYC (Know your customer) done by submitting necessary documents and Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle to the bank.

How to recharge Fastag
As Fastags are usually linked with bank accounts, all the payments directly get deducted from the linked account balance. Users also have the option to create a NHAI Prepaid wallet, recharge it and connect it with the Fastag for payments.

Alternatively, you can also recharge your Fastag using UPI via MyFastag app.

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