Doraemon Story of Seasons review for PC no


Doraemon Story of Seasons review for PC

Doraemon Story of Seasons review for PC 5
Harvest Moon, or Story of Seasons, was one of the games I grew up with. I’m sure that most people are already familiar with this title and although Doraemon Story of Seasons follows a different concept than the usual Story of Seasons series, there are a lot of features that stayed the same. Thus, this game could be seen as the typical farming game we already know except that the story follows Doraemon and his friends. Although I knew the manga Doraemon beforehand, I didn’t get to see a lot about the characters yet but luckily, it’s not necessary to have any prior knowledge about the manga nor Story of Seasons series.

Noby is pretty much your average ten-years-old guy who is struggling with his studies and even his mother on top of that. One day, Noby finds a strange seed that he decides to plant with his friends and Doraemon. It’s very noticeable that the seed is growing instantly and due to a storm they get teleported to another world, to be accurate to a place called “Shizen Town”. The issue here is that Doraemon lost all his tools to get back to their original world and thus, they decide to stay there for now while looking for a way to return home. Luckily, they happen to meet Lunch, a resident of the “Shizen Town” who is so kind to show them around. Ultimately, they are each looking for a job and Noby ends up taking over a farm of Lunch which was empty for a while anyway.

Doraemon Story of Seasons review for PC 6

Like in the previous Story of Seasons games, Doraemon mainly focuses on farming and the relationships between the residents, although sadly, you can’t marry in this game which was one of the biggest motivation for me in the previous games, yet it is understandable since Noby is supposed to be ten years old. It’s important to mention here that the storyline is quite simple and nothing too complex, I’d even say it’s just additional content in this case. While events do happen, I found the directions quite confusing at times at it was not always clear what I had to do. You basically get thrown into this unknown world and you find out how the main story continues through events that feel very random as you don’t know what you have to do to trigger them. Additionally, while a map is available here, you can only see in which area you or the residents are but not the exact location. This forced me to learn the directions by heart and sadly, I couldn’t rely on the map at all.

Doraemon Story of Seasons review for PC 2

Something which most who are familiar with the Story of Seasons games already know is that farming will take up a lot of your day. While walking around and getting around your chores, time will pass and you will have to go to bed eventually. Shops are opening at a certain time and day, which you can check beforehand so you don’t have to unnecessarily walk around. You can buy seeds in the general store to plant them on your farm, although it’s important to pay attention if its growing season matches your current one otherwise the plant will die. Besides planting on flowers or crops, you can find plenty of resources in the mountains and sea as well and take them with you to sell them.

Having a farm also includes adopting animals and there are plenty available in Doraemon Story of Seasons such as chickens, sheep, cows, a cat, dog, and horse. It’s important to always make sure they have enough food and give them daily attention so your relationship with them can grow. It’s possible to give your chickens and cows or sheep treats so they can produce higher quality products. Additionally, you can also improve the quality of your crops by using fertilizers which are both buyable in the shops while it’s random which quality of fish or insect you catch. While catching fish was possible in a lot of Story of Season games, catching insects is something I wasn’t familiar with before and it was fun to walk around searching for them. Insects are visible in the environment while you can’t see the fish unless you’re already fishing for one. You can fish in multiple places such as the sea, ponds or rivers.

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The most popular place here would be the mine where you can collect ores to upgrade your tools such as the pickaxe, ax, watering can, etc. When you’re using one of the tools your stamina will decrease and to increase it, you can eat several kinds of foods you can either buy, cook, plant or find in the mountains while taking a nap recovers some of it as well. When sleeping for the rest of the day, the stamina gets completely recovered. Something which bothered me was that the stamina bar only showed up in the menu but it doesn’t while playing. This means I always had to go back to the menu to check the bar to not overwork Noby. Although the message that he is tired will pop up when it decreases it wasn’t accurate enough.

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The artwork really stood out in Doraemon Story of Seasons as it looks like painted with watercolors and I found this style beautiful. When walking around, I couldn’t help but admire the environment especially when I was walking through the mountains. Sometimes, the detailed environment confused me as I wasn’t sure whether I could pick up the flowers or they just serve the purpose of decorating. That being said, the soundtracks are lovely and pleasant to listen to while walking around in this beautiful area.

In the end, Doraemon Story of Seasons is a farming game that really will make you feel nostalgic when you are already familiar with either Doraemon or the Season of Story games. I found this kind of crossover quite refreshing since it’s slightly different and like any Season of Story game, I found a lot of joy in farming, caressing my animals and getting along with the residents. The only feature I really miss is the marriage although it’s not a big deal, it’s better to be able to find your soulmate ingame. While the story is not special, the gameplay manages to keep me engaged every time and even after spending my childhood with this series, I just seem to never be able to get enough.

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Developer: Brownies/Marvelous
Release date: October 11, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed on: PC

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