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Epic Games Store Adds OpenCritic Reviews, Still No User Review Function -BB

Epic Games has decided to add OpenCritic reviews to their store, but there is still no user review function. The Epic Games Store launched in December of 2018 as both a storefront and a PC game launcher. The store and launcher in its current form does not have as many user-friendly options like Steam.

Epic Games launched the store after the massive success of their game Fortnite. Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of Epic Games, feels that stores like Steam take far too much of a revenue cut from game sales. While Sweeney originally stated Epic Games would only take an 8% revenue cut, the company finally settled on 12% instead, but this is actually quite a bit lower than the 30% cut that Steam took at the time the Epic Games Store was launched.

PC Gamer reports that the Epic Games Store is finally adding in OpenCritic reviews to their site. These reviews are now displayed alongside games that users are browsing. However, these reviews aren’t exactly indicative of how well a game was actually received. PC Gamer notes that Darksiders 3 (a game that had mixed reviews) only had positive reviews displayed next to the game. Another glaring issue is that developers are allowed to opt out of the review system, and therefore potentially hide negative reviews. The biggest problem of all is that Epic Games did not add in a user review section to the site. This has been one of the biggest complaints that users have had since launch, since it would help show what games other users are interested in.

Epic Games has experienced several controversies over the last few years concerning not only its storefront, but the company in general. Despite Fortnite’s popularity it has drawn controversy for everything from alleged IP theft to the amount of crunch that employees are subject to. One of the largest concerns that fans have had is the company’s practice of game exclusivity. Users who would rather use Steam have either been forced to use the Epic Games Store or not play games that are exclusive to the store like Borderlands 3.

Gamers who have had to migrate to the Epic Games Store to play some of their favorite games seem to really dislike not having certain quality of life features that make Steam so user friendly. In a way this is perfectly understandable because Valve has had a lot more time to make their site as well designed as possible. Epic Games is beginning to make some changes, however, so hopefully they can make users happy soon.

Source: PC Gamer

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