Google Maps can warn you if your driver is going off-route, here’s how to activate -BB

Often we suspect while using public transport services such as cabs that the driver is not following the exact route shown in the map and upon asking, they simply answer that this is a shortcut of there’s traffic on the other route. Well, in such cases, Google Maps has a feature that will warn you in case there’s a deviation from the designated route shown in the Google Maps. This feature comes really handy while taking public transport.

So, if you are visiting a new place and not sure about the routes to take and relying on the Google Maps, it is always important to turn on off-route alerts in Google Maps that will automatically detect that there’s a change in the route and will send you a notification for the same.

If you are wondering how to activate this feature, follow our step-by-step guide


Open Google Maps, enter the destination address and tap on the Directions button


Now, tap on the Driving icon from the top and then look for the option ‘Stay Safer’ from the bottom of the screen


Under Stay Safer option, tap on ‘Get off-route alerts’ to start receiving off-route alerts on your smartphone.

The feature works based on the directions shown on your smartphone. All you need to do is open Google Maps on your smartphone and enter the destination address and head to Direction section.

Make sure to tap on Drive option under the Directions page and look for the option ‘Stay Safer’. Once you tap on Stay Safer button, you’ll find two options — Share live trip and Get off-route alerts. Tap on the second option to start getting notified if the driver is deviating from the shown route on the map.

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