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How Smallville’s Lex Luthor Would’ve Fit Into Crisis On Infinite Earths -BB

Had Smallville’s Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths, he would have had engaged with another version of the famous Superman foe. The Arrowverse just finished its five-hour crossover event that began a new chapter for The CW’s massive DC TV franchise. But the multi-part story didn’t simply honor the present DC TV shows, they also honored what had come before. Prior to the launch of Arrow on The CW, Smallville was the flagship series of the network with the Superman prequel series running for 10 seasons. Through the Tom Welling-led series, it paved the way for the network to pursue shows in the comic book genre.

Starting with Arrow, it became the foundation of the larger Arrowverse that has spawned more than five spin-offs, with new series on their way including Superman and Lois. After finishing his run as Clark Kent/Superman in 2011, Welling returned to reprise the role for Crisis on Infinite Earths. Erica Durance, who had been playing Alura Zor-El on Supergirl, also guest-starred as her version of Lois Lane from the series. While there were attempts to recruit Rosenbaum to reprise his Lex, plans didn’t pan out and his version of the iconic character didn’t get included in the finished product.

With the crossover now finished, executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed to TVLine what Rosenbaum’s cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths would have looked like. While it would have been for one scene, similarly to Welling and Durance’s screen time, it would have involved his Lex crossing paths with Jon Cryer’s version. Aside from communications with Rosenbaum and Warner Bros. not working out, it also turned out that Welling’s schedule played a factor too.

“We had a version where he would have been in the scene [on the Kent farm] with Tom [Welling], and then the clock ran out on that [due to Welling’s availability] I then had the idea of having [Rosenbaum] and [Supergirl‘]s Jon Cryer have a scene together, which would have been really, really cool. It’s a bummer. Michael is definitely the one that got away.”

The scene instead had Welling’s Clark meet Cryer’s Lex as the villain was determined to take out every Superman in the multiverse. The Smallville universe got destroyed during the first half of the crossover and wasn’t seen in the final montage of new Earths in part 5. However, Guggenheim has assured viewers of the popular Superman series that Welling’s Man of Steel and the characters of that show still exist out there in the multiverse.

With the Arrowverse Multiverse now rebooted, it remains to be seen if any of the shows will explore traveling to the new Earths down the line. Whether or not Smallville exists on Earth-167 or got merged with one of the other new worlds is a question for future crossovers to answer. Given that Welling and Durance have reemerged in the roles, there’s always the chance for fans of Smallville to see their favorite characters again in the future, thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Source: TVLine

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