How to check PF balance using SMS

You must be aware of Provident Fund (PF), a sum of amount that a company deducts from the salary of their employees every month and deposits into their EPF account. Often people may want to check, whether the amount being deposited regularly or not.

Though there are several ways one can do this, the simplest one here is checking it using SMS from your smartphone. In this how-to guide, we will tell you how you can get your PF account details right on your smartphone via SMS.

To do this, there are a few things that one needs to take care of before proceeding with the steps. First, ensure that the UAN is activated, this can be done via visiting the EPFO website and following the simple steps. Another thing you need to have is SMS service on your smartphone.

Assuming both the things are taken care of, let’s proceed with the steps


Open Messaging app on your smartphone


Type EPFOHO <space> UAN in the message box


Send it to ‘7738299899’

After this, the user will receive an SMS with all the details, including PF balance.

In case, the UAN is not activated, simply head to EPFO website and click on Activate UAN option from the bottom. After this, fill in all the necessary details such as UAN number (usually found on the top of payslip), date of birth, mobile number and Captcha and then press Get Authentication PIN.

Once the OTP is received on the given phone number, enter it and then click Validate OTP and Activate UAN.

Do note that it might take 6-7 hours to activate the UAN.

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