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Look Out, Gamers! Kagawa Prefecture is Gunning For Your Game Time.

Chio Miyamo gets a little too enthusiastic during an online session of Paydal in a scene from the Chio's School Road TV anime.


Look out, all you underage gamers! The prefectural assembly of Kagawa Prefecture is gunning for you with an ordinance that seeks to combat Internet and video game addiction by advising schools and parents about when and for how long they should allow the kids in their charge to play video games.


The ordinance recommends no more than 60 minutes of game time on weekdays for children younger than high school age, and no more than 90 minutes of game time on weekends and holidays for the same age group. High schoolers fare a little better, with no more than 90 minutes of game time per day. The ordinance also recommends no games after 9:00pm for the younger than high school crowd, and no games after 10:00pm for the high schoolers.


Umaru Doma turns into a complete couch potato in a scene from the Himouto! Umaru-chan TV anime.


The Kagawa prefectural assembly is still in the process of drafting the ordinance, with the intent of taking public feedback from locals before submitting the final draft to be considered for next month’s meeting. If the ordinance is enacted, it will be the first such local ordinance attempting to address Internet and video game addiction by restricting game time in all of Japan.


It should be noted that the ordinance does not include any penalties, so no one is going to be fined or sent to Video Game Jail, but speaking from personal experience as a kid who grew up with a „no more than 1 hour of video games per day“ rule that I never once obeyed, I don’t imagine these guidelines will have much of an effect.


Source: NHK News Web via Otakomu


Hime poses for a Crunchyroll ad banner.


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