MP police launch e-cop app for women’s safety

Bhopal, The Madhya Pradesh police have launched ‚MP e-Cop‘, a mobile app to facilitate girls to get immediate back-up just by the push of a button.

The MP e-cop app has been introduced amid national debates over women’s safety triggered by a spate of crimes against women all over the country.

„There is SOS (an international code signal for extreme distress) facility in the app, which would trigger the SMS to Dial 100 and phone numbers fed in the app by the girls/women,“ Bhopal’s DIG Irshad Wali said.

As soon as the girl in distress pushes the button, the app will send an alert to Dial 100 and also SMSs on the five numbers fed by her in the app, he added.

The police will find the location of the person in distress after it receives the alert.

Talking about the app, another police officer said that citizens will also be able to report missing documents, mobiles or missing persons, in addition to getting information about stolen and recovered vehicles.

„People can avail several facilities through a single app. They can inform about missing documents and mobile phones from their homes. Secret information can be shared with police without disclosing the name,“ he added.

Women have expressed happiness over the launching of this app. A homemaker Archna Tripathi said, „This is a game changer for women’s safety.“

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