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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Loses Top Box Office Spot to 1917

Sam Mendes‘ epic war movie 1917 has dethroned Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to claim the number one spot at the domestic box office. The development comes on the heels of 1917’s major wins for Best Picture-Drama and Best Director for Mendes at the 2020 Golden Globes, with the movie and its director now being major contenders at this year’s Oscars, as well. With its new victory at the box office added into the equation, 1917 is now assured to be among the most talked-about movies of the new year.

First released domestically on Christmas Day before going wide this weekend, 1917 has earned widespread acclaim for its gripping story of two British soldiers traveling on foot across war torn Europe to deliver a message to call off a planned attack on German forces. The movie’s harrowing depiction of the unimaginable squalor the soldiers are forced to survive in during the blood bath that was World War I has earned the film significant acclaim. However, where 1917 has really risen to become the movie of the moment is in its technical wizardry, specifically its gimmick of making the entire film appear to take place in a single shot without any cuts.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, 1917 unseated The Rise of Skywalker from the number one spot with a $14 million bounty on Friday. Initially projected to open to around $20 to $25 million for the weekend, 1917 is now on track to earn a $37 million grand total as it expands nationwide. The Rise of Skywalker, which opened on December 20th of last year, is set to close out its fourth weekend in release in the number two spot with around $15 million to $16 million.

Though The Rise of Skywalker’s time in the number one spot ends this weekend, it was a development that many already saw coming, and 1917 is clearly striking while the iron is hot. With the movie’s wins at the Golden Globes taking placing only a few days ago, 1917 has clearly entered the weekend as the most hyped movie currently in theaters. Combined with the strong critical and audience word of mouth, and 1917 has the wind at its back as more and more moviegoers venture to cinema screens to see the film’s technical marvels for themselves.

What’s more, the movie’s wide expansion occurring in January could prove extremely advantageous for 1917. January is generally viewed as the quietest month on the calendar year in terms of box office riches, coming off of the more bountiful prospects of the holiday season. Yet, 1917 is already kicking its wide release off with a level of buzz not typically associated with the second weekend of the year. With its now-projected $37 million final tally for the weekend, these factors combined bode extremely well for the movie’s box office longevity. Meanwhile, with a start this strong and numerous awards already under its belt, the Oscar buzz for 1917 is only likely to grow louder.

Source: THR

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