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Stranger Things Season 1 Might Have A Clue That Hopper Survived -BB

Stranger Things season 1 could hold a big clue to Jim Hopper’s fate. The fan-favorite character played by David Harbour presumably died following his brave sacrifice in season 3. The Netflix series went out of their way to make it look like Hopper met his demise, but many viewers weren’t convinced — and they just may be right. Fans of the character can continue to hold out hope, as a song from Stranger Things‚ debut season could indicate that Hopper survived.

In the Stranger Things season 3 finale, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray embarked on one more mission to save the kids and the rest of Hawkins. Hopper and Joyce were tasked with retrieving the special keys so they could effectively turn off the machine that was opening the gate. The duo successfully made it to the control room in the base under Starcourt Mall, but before they could turn the keys, the Russian henchman, Grigori, arrived. Hopper and Grigori squared off outside of the control room with the former getting the upper hand. The equipment opening the gate, however, malfunctioned, blocking Hopper’s exit. Joyce had no choice but to turn the keys, shutting off the machine and disintegrating anyone near the equipment, including Hopper.

Hopper’s death was a huge blow to Joyce, Eleven, and the others. Since El arrived in Hawkins around the same time the world of the Upside Down became a reality, the chief of police in Hawkins had evolved into a key ally. His unwavering bravery was on display each season, and it was no surprise that he would put his life on his line so that Joyce could close the gate — even if that meant he didn’t make it out alive. Fans of Stranger Things have had a hard time believing that Hopper is truly dead. There’s plenty of evidence and theories suggesting Hopper made it out of the Russian base alive, and now there’s a clue from season 1 that could support that notion. The song „Heroes“ by Peter Gabriel might be one of the best clues to the character’s survival.

Viewers of Stranger Things might remember Gabriel’s „Heroes“ played in the season 1 episode titled „Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly“ when Mike, Dustin, and Lucas saw Will’s body being found by a search party in the quarry. At the time, Will was believed to be dead, but as the season played out, viewers learned that he was very much alive but stuck in the Upside Down. A fan (via Reddit) pointed out the connection to that moment and the end of season 3 when that same song played after El read Hopper’s heart-to-heart speech in the form of a letter. Replaying the song over a serious moment while a major character is presumed dead can’t be a coincidence. The song may signify that Hopper is alive out there but unable to get back to his loved ones just like the situation with Will in season 1.

There’s plenty of other evidence suggesting that Hopper will make his glorious comeback in Stranger Things season 4. The mystery behind the American held at the Russian base in Kamchatka remains as one of the biggest indicators that Hopper is alive. Murray’s answering machine message to Joyce is another interesting tidbit. Harbour himself has been teasing Hopper’s fate on his own social media accounts. Although the release date for Stranger Things season 4 hasn’t been confirmed, the truth about Hopper will eventually come out.

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