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Super Mario Maker 2: Adding Link in Your Levels (& How to Use Him)

Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker 2 is a virtual sandbox of level-making fun. Players can craft their own Mario levels or jump online and download thousands of levels that people from all over the world have made. With the newest 2.0 „Legendary“ update, Nintendo added an all-time fan-favorite character into the mix, Link. Now players can add in The Legend of Zelda’s main protagonist into their worlds and take on Mario Maker levels like they never have before.

Adding Link into Super Mario Maker 2 levels isn’t immediately obvious to many players. There are a few steps involved that require a little knowledge. This guide will walk players through the steps and give a little insight into being the main man in green.

The first thing to know about adding Link into Mario Maker levels is that he is only accessible inside of the classic Super Mario Bros. style of levels. Link likes to keep it old school, so bring up any level in the Course Maker mode and change its style to  Super Mario Bros.

This change will give you access to the Master Sword. Inside the Course Maker, choose the Super Mushroom item. You can do this by selecting the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, then select Items, it will be located on the bottom right of the dial.

Now place the Super Mushroom anywhere within the level. It is recommended to place it near the start if you wish to be Link for the entire level. Once placed, change its type by holding the A button. Select the Master Sword and that’s it, Link is now a playable character inside a level.

Link plays very differently than Mario and has his own unique special powers. These powers really change the way Mario levels play out and create new, fun ways to enjoy Super Mario Maker 2’s designs. His basic controls consist of:

  • Jump – A or B
  • Sword – X or Y
  • Shield – Down
  • Bow and Arrow – L, R, LR or ZR
  • Dash – Down then hold X or Y
  • Bomb – Up then hold X or Y
  • Downward Sword – Jump, down then A or B

Alongside his new special moves are brand new tactics on gameplay. For instance, Link’s arrows can collect coins. Link’s sword isn’t strong enough to break blocks, but his bombs can. This opens up a ton of new choices for players to create new and different levels. One thing to remember is that Link will revert back to Mario if he takes damage, so plan accordingly if you need a player to be Link for the entire level.

Overall, Link is a welcome addition to Super Mario Maker 2 and a great way to bring players back into the game. His new moves and abilities will reinvigorate the way you play and possibly inspire even more amazing level-designs.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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