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The Flash is Headed To The Last Place DC Fans Expect -BB

Following his metahuman slugfest with King Cold in The Flash #86, Barry Allen has delivered a shocking bombshell. Not only is he heading behind bars, but headed to Arkham Asylum — one of the last places in the DC Comics universe that readers would expect to find him.

The conclusion to the Rogues Reign/King Cold storyline hits the ground running as the two supercharged combatants square off in the frozen wasteland of Central City, and King Cold unleashing the full fury of the gifts from Apex-Lex. Barry not only has to deal with the superpowered King Cold, but also struggles to control his connection to the Speed Force, which is now stronger than ever, after being broken and recently repaired by Hunter Zolomon’s heroic sacrifice in the Forever Force. But when the dust settles, even victory won’t keep Barry Allen out of handcuffs.

As the two combatants clash, King Cold pulls no punches and Flash continues to try and reason with the supercharged Rouge. Cold repeats that he is sick of being a loser and is going to make good his promise of beating Flash for once and for all. Flash, on the other hand, continues to try and reason with Snart. Unable to get through to him, Barry figures out a way to use Cold’s powers to stabilize the Speed Force — freeing Kid Flash, Avery Ho, and the rest of the Rogues so that they can go after Mirror Master and return Central City to normal.

The issue has some great character moments which ultimately convince Flash to make the decision to turn himself over to the authorities once he has beaten King Cold. After unfreezing the rest of the Rogues, Golden Gilder once again appeals to her brother to stop the madness and be satisfied with being a thief. After hearing her appeal, King Cold once again blames Flash for turning his family against him and prepares to kill The Flash. As Cold powers up and prepares to deliver the killing blow, Flash attacks Cold, saying he his sick of Snart trying to kill him and his family. Flash loses control of the Speed Force and precedes to beat Cold relentlessly, coming within inches of killing him.

Flash is stopped by Golden Glider, who uses her bandages to restrain him and get the Speed Force back under control. The celebration is short-lived as Flash tells them to stay away, stopping the officers arresting Cold… and telling them that until he can learn to control the new connection to the Speed Force, he belongs in prison with the Rogues. The final splash page shows Barry motioning to be placed in cuffs as the teaser text at the bottom of says “Arkham Asylum?!” revealing that this where Flash will find himself for the next story arc.

Arkham Asylum seems to be the last place that The Flash would even want to go to be incarcerated. However, given the events happening around the DCU at this time, facilities better equipped to contain a speedster, such as Cadmus or S.T.A.R. Labs, no longer exist or are compromised. Joshua Willaimson and Christian Duce do an excellent job of telling the story through both the written words and artwork. The first-page recap of the history between Flash and Snart perfectly conveys the history between the two through the art style, character designs, and narrative.

The cover to The Flash #87 depicts Barry, Kid Flash, and Avery Ho in straight-jackets as they are taken into Arkham. While Flash was the only one to surrender willingly, it remains to be seen if the two younger members of the Flash family will be joining Barry during his stay in Gotham City.

The Flash #87 will continue the story when it arrives on January 29th, 2020.

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