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To All The Boys I’ve Loved 2: 5 Reasons Lara Jean Should Stay With Peter (& 5 She Should Move On) -BB

When To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before came out on Netflix in 2018, fans fell deeply in love with Peter Kavinsky. Peter and Lara Jean are very possibly the perfect couple, even with their past faux relationship. The film ends with Peter and Lara Jean seemingly falling in love and all is right in the world – until John Ambrose shows up.

John Ambrose is a recipient of one of Lara Jean’s famous love letters and it looks like it he’s returned to win over Lara Jean. Ever since Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You trailer was released, fans are questioning if Peter and Lara Jean are going to end up together. No one will know for sure until February 12th but in the meantime, here are the five reasons Lara Jean should stay with Peter, and five reasons she shouldn’t.

10 Should: Peter Has Kitty’s Approval

Peter (Noah Centineo) almost instantly wins over Lara Jean’s younger sister, which is pretty huge. Kitty is a big part of Lara Jean’s life so whoever she dates, definitely has to have the Kitty stamp of approval. Kitty first meets Peter when he picks her and Lara Jean up for school. Kitty is hesitant at first but they quickly bond over their mutual love for Korean yogurt smoothies and the rest is history.

Lara Jean looked a little uncomfortable during this exchange, but she mostly looked happy to see a part of her family taking a liking to Peter so quickly.

9 Shouldn’t: Peter Wasn’t Originally Interested In Lara Jean

Remember at the beginning of the movie when Peter approaches Lara Jean and lets her know that „it’s never gonna happen“? It seemed like he was honestly trying to reject her in a gentle way, but it still came off harsh. It’s hard to believe that Peter is truly all in for Lara Jean when he wasn’t at all interested in her in the first place.

In fact, he was so uninterested that he went out of his way to let her know. He went from being positive he would never even date her to being in love with her, all within a very short period of time.

8 Should: They’ve Become Best Friends

As Peter and Lara Jean navigate their fake relationship, fans watch the two get closer and closer. It becomes clear that they actually have a lot of chemistry. They also start to talk about deeper things with one another and it’s obvious that they’re bonding.

It’s easy to tell that they’re no longer spending time with each other just to keep up the ruse, but because they want to. The closer Peter and Lara Jean get, the more viewers want to root for them because they’re just so good together.

7 Shouldn’t: Lara Jean Doesn’t Fully Trust Peter

A downside to Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship is that Lara Jean definitely has some trust issues when it comes to Peter. Peter hasn’t necessarily done anything to deserve this lack in trust, but Lara Jean is just starting to get to know him better and up until not too long ago, he didn’t care much for her.

It’s no surprise that Lara Jean takes it personally when she sees Gen, Peter’s ex-girlfriend, with her favorite scrunchie. In her mind, Gen is still a top priority to Peter, so why wouldn’t he betray Lara Jean and give Gen her favorite scrunchie?

6 Should: Peter Pursued Lara Jean

This was a pretty important milestone for Peter. After the scrunchie debacle, Lara Jean decided she couldn’t trust Peter anymore and she let him know that their fake (or real?) relationship was over. It was obvious that Lara Jean meant a lot to Peter so he went to her house to win her back.

This „win the girl back“ moment didn’t pan out for him right away but it was still important that he did this because it proved where his loyalty lied. Peter chasing after Lara Jean proves that Gen is no longer his priority, Lara Jean is.

5 Shouldn’t: Most Of Their Relationship Was Technically A Lie

Even though Lara Jean and Peter bonded a ton during their fake relationship, their relationship was still just that – fake. It’s hard to believe that they could truly be in love with each other if they haven’t even given dating a real try yet.

The whole time they were pretending to be together, they still had a mutual goal that seemed to bond them, but once that goal is gone, will they still feel the same way? It’s obviously worth a try but it would make sense if Lara Jean was a bit hesitant.

4 Should: Peter Stood Up For Lara Jean

After that video of Lara Jean and Peter was released, Lara Jean dealt with some backlash at school and Peter defended her. This should be an obvious response to bullying but it doesn’t always happen, especially in a high school setting. Peter standing up for Lara Jean showed that he still cares for her and doesn’t care what other people think.

Peter shows promise as a good boyfriend for Lara Jean and hopefully, this is just one of the many times that he’ll be there for her in the future.

3 Shouldn’t: She Deserves Time For Herself

As easy as it is to root for Peter, it’s very possible that Lara Jean just needs some time for herself. She’s been through a lot lately and it would make sense if she needed some time alone to decide what she truly wants. If that’s Peter then that’s great, but there’s a chance that it’s not and she deserves to find that out.

What’s the rush, anyway? Lara Jean should definitely take things at her own speed now and do what feels best for her.

2 Should: They’re In Love

This is an easy one. At the end of the movie, Peter tells Lara Jean that he’s in love with her. This is huge. They just went from not being together at all anymore, to being in love? Of course, Lara Jean doesn’t say „I love you“ back, but it seems a little implied.

Lara Jean says to the audience in the voiceover that she’s always imagined falling in love in a field, so it sounds like she’s in love with him too. It’s impossible to not root for them at this point. Plus, this is when Peter says his iconic line that makes everyone swoon: „You gonna break my heart, Covey?“.

1 Shouldn’t: John Ambrose

Ah, but what about John Ambrose? He shows up at the very end of the film, even after the credits start rolling. Kitty answers the door and sees John standing there with a famous Lara Jean love letter and flowers. It didn’t seem like he was going to make too many waves, that is, until Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You trailer came out.

It looks like Peter and Lara Jean are still going strong in the sequel, but John Ambrose also appears to make a triumphant return and well, he probably makes waves.

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