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Tyler Cameron: What Happened After The Bachelorette? -BB

What Happened to Tyler Cameron The Bachelorette? The hunky model and general contractor was a fan favorite on season 15, but there was plenty of drama in his real life after the show wrapped.

On the season 15 Bachelorette finale, Hannah Brown turned down a proposal from Cameron. She went on to choose musician Jed Wyatt. However, that relationship fizzled amid the discovery that he had a girlfriend while he was on the show. Brown responded by breaking off the engagement. When she appeared on The Bachelorette „After the Final Rose“ episodeshe made a play for Cameron, asking him out on a date. He publicly accepted. Fans were overjoyed, with many of them applauding in the studio audience. Later that week, paparazzi images of Cameron leaving Brown’s house in the early morning hours of the day surfaced. He was carrying what looked like an overnight bag as she walked him to the door, her hair damp and disheveled. For a moment, it looked as if the couple’s unbridled onscreen chemistry had morphed into the beginnings of a passionate long-term relationship.

Days later, blonde supermodel Gigi Hadid made a huge play for Cameron when she started following him on social media. Fans were heartbroken and hopes were dashed. One person’s hopes were especially shattered, as a source told E!:

„It got messy once Tyler hung out with Hannah right after the finale, and then immediately started dating Gigi. Hannah was really upset about it. Tyler didn’t think it was fair since Hannah didn’t even choose him in the first place.“

Tongues wagged as the beautiful new power couple took their hotness to the streets of Manhattan. They went on bowling dates, hung out in happening bars, hobnobbed with other celebrities like Taylor Swift, Hadid’s sister Bella, and Serena Williams. They were even photographed leaving Hadid’s New York City apartment together. As the summer drew to a close, things between the two models appeared to be slowing down. There were multiple stories that he and Brown were still entertaining feelings for one another. Meanwhile, Cameron and Hadid took a vacation to Lake George at the end of the summer.

However, when the paparazzi snapped Hadid wearing an all-too cryptic sweatshirt which read, „Boys Lie. Goodbye,“ it didn’t take a genius to realize that the fling was done. In the months since, Cameron moved into a new apartment just a stone’s throw from Zayn Malik’s New York City digs. As the buzz around the forthcoming season of The Bachelor revved up, Cameron found himself meeting with the show’s producers to discuss whether his future entailed becoming the lead of the show. However, it was soon announced that Peter Weber had been chosen for the series instead. Some fans were shocked, but given Cameron’s mixed signals about stepping into the role, season 24 seemed like a better fit for the lusty pilot.

Tyler Cameron is a compelling figure in the annals of Bachelor Nation. Not only did he win the hearts of the show’s viewers, but he demonstrated in unparalleled fashion that sometimes a contestant can outshine the titular star of the series. With his All-American looks and classic style, this Florida native took his 15 minutes of fame on holiday with Gigi Hadid, leaving fans breathless over their whirlwind courtship. Cameron’s life post-Bachelorette has been vibrant, sexy, and audacious. Even if he never gets the chance to step into the role of The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation will never forget the blue-eyed heartthrob whose pecs and abs gave the country something to look forward to each Monday night.

Source: E!

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