Vacation Simulator review for VR

Vacation Simulator review for VR 5

Vacation Simulator review for VR 2
At the cost of sounding very depressing, I’ve not been on any kind of exciting vacation since reaching my adult life. I know that sounds really pathetic as I watch friends and family go to exotic locations such as Hawaii or across the pond to wonderous and lovely areas such as Italy or Greece. Sadly, as a single parent for much of my adult life, it was not something I could necessarily afford. That’s not a cry to feel sorry for me by any means, but it is indeed a fact. Which leads me to the topic of this review! With the wonderful world of VR, a “vacation” getaway is as simple as slipping on a headset. Vacation Simulator has arrived and is ready to take you to where your heart’s desire, just don’t forget to bring the sunscreen.

Vacation Simulator is from the bonkers band of developers from Owlchemy Labs. Most people would know of them from their big hit Job Simulator where you do anything but actually work! I will admit that I’ve only ever watched videos of people playing Job Simulator on YouTube as I did not have a VR headset when it came out. From what I have seen, I can say with certainty that fans of Job Simulator will enjoy what Vacation Simulator has to offer.

Vacation Simulator review for VR 6


Vacation Simulator is, essentially, a game made up of a ton of different mini-games spread between different vacationing locations, each drastically different from one another, but full of different opportunities. The bots are full of quirky dialogue that will push you to do one activity or another. On the beach level, you can climb up on a Life Gaurd tower and proceed to make food orders for people. If you are feeling sporty, you can bring a ball down to the bot in the water and depending on what ball you have, it will initiate a different activity. Half of the fun is hearing what the robots have to say though as they are trying to emulate human expressions, and sometimes it is horrible!

The only flaw that I’ve found with Vacation Simulator is that it is almost too simple. I know that it is meant to be played by folks of varying ages and skillsets, but at the same time, this does lead to the game starting to feel stale when you are nearing the end of it. To be fair to Vacation Simulator, I am pretty certain that it is not meant to be played over the course of 2 days for the sake of a review! Again, I want to stress that the activities are still fun, but after taking so many photos, it does start to get tiresome.

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After all was said and done, I enjoyed Vacation Simulator. It may not have the most insane story in the world or high action scenes, but it is certainly nice to have a chill game to play between those types of games. It is difficult to review a game like this though when you are so used to playing games like Death Stranding or The Witcher 3 (YES, I’M STILL PLAYING IT. DON’T JUDGE ME) but again, that’s not Vacation Simulators fault! If you want a neat mini-game fest to play on your VR headset then I would recommend picking it up.

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Developer: Owlchemy Labs  Publisher: Owlchemy Labs
Release date:  April 9, 2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Oculus Quest

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