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Winter 2020 TV Anime Plunderer Confimed to Run for 2 Cours with 24 Episodes



The official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Suu Minazuki (Heaven’s Lost Property)’s action fantasy manga Plunderer announced today that it will run for two cours for a total of 24 episodes. The news was also revealed in the new web radio program „Plunderadio“ started streaming in Japan today. The program is hosted by the anime’s two main VAs, Yoshiki Nakajima (Licht Bach) and Hina (Rina Honnizumi) and posted every other Tuesday to provide the anime’s latest information.  


The TV anime adaptation is directed by Hiroyuki Kanbe (Oreimo, Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!), alongside series composition writer Masashi Suzuki (Seven Mortal Sins, Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King). GEEKTOYS (RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time) works on anime production. It is set to premiere in Japan tomorrow, January 8, 2020.






Latest PV featuring the OP song by Miku Ito:



The OP song „Plunderer“ short music video by Miku Ito:



Main visual:



Synopsis: (from Yen Press‘ English edition)


In the world of Alcia‘ where rank is determined by „counts“ a young girl named Hina scours the land for the fabled Ace-the legendary hero of the Waste War. With only the last words of her missing mother to guide her search‘ she wanders from town to town until she meets Licht‘ a clownish masked vagrant with a count of –999. Girl-crazy and unpredictable‘ he’s the exact opposite of a hero…or at least‘ that’s how he appears...



Source: TV anime „Plunderer“ official website / Twitter 


©2020 Suu Minazuki/KADOKAWA/Plunderer Production Committee

©Suu Minazuki 2018


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