Crazy YouTuber Producing Mouse-Size PC, Fully Functional PC

Crazy YouTuber Producing Mouse-Size PC, Fully Functional PC

Mouse-Sized PC; The self-catering technology’s Raspberry Pi’s produce great projects. For example, it’s like fully functional computers that are just the size of a mouse…

A YouTuber, Electronic Grenade, stands up with the idea of ​​an original project and gets to work as he grabs the mouse under his hand. The result: a mouse-sized but fully functional computer!

 Mouse-Size PC
Mouse-Size PC

In fact, YouTuber’s first thought was to put his computer in his own mouse, but when he saw that not all the components would fit, he designed a 3D model.

He used a Raspberry Pi Zero W computer and a 1.5-inch 128 x 128 resolution OLED LCD to produce the “The Computer Mouse” or “Mouse Computer” project in our language.

This mischievous mouse has a fully rechargeable 500 mAh battery, a keyboard and even a power button! As an operating system, it uses Raspbian, a GNU / Linux based system.

Tabii projedeki her şey güllük gülistanlık değil. Fare bilgisayarın fantastik bir proje olması bazı dezavantajları doğuruyor.

The computer’s mini keyboard almost invites the protocol for carpel tunnel syndrome. According to the inventor of the project, using the minnak keyboard was not as difficult as it seemed. However, the fact that it is small does not change the fact that it restricts the user.

This DIY project, which is currently not very strong; It offers small functions such as document preparation, viewing emails and even playing Minecraft.

Take a look at the video below to see the mouse computer in action and all its capabilities:

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